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  1. I'm Heather from Denver, Colorado and I'll be traveling solo for the first time on RCI Empress of the Seas May 16-23.
  2. Has anyone done the Legendarios Del Guajirito shore excursion in Havana, Cuba? I'll be on the Empress May 16-23 and have signed up for this. Does Royal Caribbean provide transportation to their shore excursions or am I on my own?
  3. I'm traveling solo on Empress in May. I decided to buy the Key thinking maybe it would make things easier as one person. We shall see!
  4. I'll be on RCL - Empress in May and one of the stops is an overnight in Havana (yay!). Two part question: has anyone done the Legendarios del Guajirito excursion? It looks amazing. Also, I signed up for a private tour with Photo Touring Cuba with Angel Faustino Bada Roca. Has anyone else done a tour with him? Thanks
  5. UPDATE: I called RCI and was able to cancel my mother without incurring any additional charges on to myself! Whew! I wonder if it has to do with the fact we had paid for a cruise in full already? I will be filing a claim with our Travel Insurance to (hopefully) get the rest of my mother's money back. Thank you so much for the wonderful advice!!
  6. So helpful! Just so I understand - should I make the claim first? Do I/should I call the RC mainline or stick to the insurance? One more question: technically I can check in this Friday. How should I go about that? Hold off? Can I only check myself in and not my mom?
  7. I can't seem to find any information on this that is current. Back in October, my mother and I paid for our cruise in full; our final payment date is February 15. Unfortunately, my mother has become ill and it's best that she focus of getting healthy instead of being on a cruise. Can anyone give me the protocol on canceling one person? I still plan on going - just flying solo instead. I'm not too keen on the idea of doing the "no-show" route. Has anyone have experience with this this in the last year or two? Thanks!
  8. My mom and I will be cruising on RCL's Empress of the Seas in May 2019. I'm looking for recommendations for private tours of Havana and Santiago. My mom and I want to see the authentic side of Cuba and not the tourist traps. Thanks for any help!
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