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  1. We have a cruise next month on Independence of the Seas. We just got the Royal Up email this morning and one of our options is the Panoramic Suite (No Balcony). If we were to bid and have our bid selected, would we receive double points and suite perks? Also, does this category room have the bunk beds on Freedom Class?
  2. We have noticed that our longer sailings are slightly cheaper per day. We went on a 9 night this past March and it was $47 PD and we have a 10 night next March and it's $48 PD. We also have a 5 night in November this year that we booked last year that we bought at $49 PD, but has gone as high as $59 PD. We also have a 5 night in August of next year that we bought at $54 PD and is currently at $65 PD.
  3. We were on Harmony in May and were not charged for the two protein option. Hibachi was added when the package changed from Ultimate to Unlimited earlier this year.
  4. No, you just select 1 person to reserve it for your entire party (unless you are trying to reserve multiple bungalows). When you put in 4 and the website shows $1000, it thinks you are trying to reserve 4 bungalows.
  5. This happened to us. We had 14 extra points for five years and then once we took another cruise the points updated correctly, but they kept us at the new level. We were only 1 point away anyways. They claimed that the person that the points should have been assigned to had a similar C&A number and they happened to call in about their lost points while we were on the cruise. I don't believe that the person coincidentally called in while we were on the cruise (and after 5 years), but there was nothing to fight as our points were right. It was just disappointing that we weren't 14 points closer to diamond 🙂
  6. That has been our experience with everyone we have contacted in Dominica. We contacted 4 different, highly reviewed/rated, tour guides and it has been such a challenge to get a response from them and when they do answer, they don't address most of your questions. We haven't experienced this issue on any other island that we have visited. We finally found one that was fairly responsive and confirmed with him.
  7. Keep in mind that every sailing has different pricing. Our cruise later this year has ranged from $49 (on sale) - $52 (full price). We have two next year. Our first sailing in March has been $50 since it was available for purchase. It's $52 as of today. The second sailing in August just came out fairly recently and was $54, it then increased to $57, and is $60 as of today. Our November 2019 and August 2020 sailing are both 5 nights and on the same ship and the difference is $49 for one and $60 for the other currently. That should give you a good idea of how different it can be.
  8. We used it for Sabor on embarkation day in May.
  9. How much time would you say you spent in the car versus out? Seems like a lot of the tours i have looked into are a lot of driving time.
  10. Don't forget that it's also two beach days where your beverage packages also work and food is included. I get that some don't like Labadee and/or CocoCay, but it appealed to us as and end of summer, hopefully relaxed, getaway.
  11. We are booked on Independence in August 2020 on a 5 night that only goes to those two ports. We enjoy Labadee and really enjoyed CocoCay so we are looking forward to it.
  12. They did not at the end of May. Navigator had Truly Berry & Henry's Lime in March. CocoCay had Truly Berry when we stopped in May. I assume it's just a matter of time given how popular they have become.
  13. If you are looking at a specific ship/sailing then I think you could get more direct answers as not every ship is going to have the same pricing/sales nor do they have the same exact restaurants on board. Here is a link that was provided on this forum back in April which will give you an idea. The UDP pricing is also on there. https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/57dbd3a8#/57dbd3a8/7
  14. It's all about perspective and what you personally like or what the service was like that night. We thought Hooked on Navigator was fantastic, Chops was the worst experience we have had at Chops on all of our cruises, and that was our first time at Jamie's and decided we would never go again outside of having a package. We had the UDP on Harmony in May and went back to Jamie's and it was a completely different experience in both the food and service.
  15. We are from Florida and were on Harmony in May. Central Park was hot and humid then so August will definitely be worse. Certainly to each their own and you should choose what you want for your wedding, but since you are asking, I would suggest another venue inside.
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