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  1. My hubs and I are shipping out in 508 short days (we're old, time passes quickly) from Miami on the Conquest, and I am having trouble deciding on a shore excursion for Cozumel. I would love to hear your opinions, I've been reading the reviews on the Carnival website but I'm having trouble finding a stand-out, must do excursion. I would love to hear from YOU about your Cozumel Carnival excursion experience, as well as alternative excursions you may have done. Thanks!
  2. I have no real memory of the boarding experience, so I assume it went smoothly, in both NYC and Port Canaveral.
  3. I have only gone out of Port Canaveral & NYC, and they were both awesome. In NYC we hit the Intrepid before boarding, so that was cool, and of course the skyline and the Statue of Liberty are just heartstopping. When we went out of Port Canaveral, there was a launch, so that was also a pretty cool departure!
  4. I'd be buying the food and other necessities for the cruise. Probably a land-based job, to be honest. Alternatively, I could be performing as a singer!
  5. We were on the Splendor with our kids and we played an epic game of of Monopoly.
  6. We reserved for the CT on our upcoming (644 days and counting) cruise. I plan to eat extremely lightly that day! I have been to a multi-course dinner in the past and finished everything but I was also drinking heavily (it was a beer dinner) and making bad choices because of that!
  7. I've read a lot of posts where folks mention particular classes of ship - where can I find out which class a ship belongs to, and what that means?
  8. I love the idea of being free to drink as much as I want, but the reality is, my primary beverage is water, and I've never actually been drunk, so I don't think I could drink enough. If we could share it between my husband and I, it would be worthwhile, but not as it is currently structured. Between the 2 of us we could do 5 cocktails a day, but it isn't worth it for each of us on our own.
  9. I'm fine with Carnival, even though my first cruise was on Disney, which was definitely a wee bit fancier than Carnival. I can afford a balcony on Carnival, which I can't do on any other cruise line (as of yet). I wouldn't mind trying another line, but the nature of capitalism is that services get cut so shareholders get paid.
  10. I have to admit I was skeptical about the very concept of cruising before I went on my first cruise. I though it was bougeois and uncool. Then I went on a cruise, and found out how unbelievably relaxing it can be! I am used to taking vacations where we're always DOING SO MUCH STUFF - the cruise gives you time and space to actually sit down and spend time with the people you love while visiting beautiful places.
  11. I'll try again, perhaps the 3rd time will be the charm!
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