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  1. This probably sounds dumb but I’ll ask anyway! With the per day prices, does this mean that I could purchase on an at sea day and then not purchase another day pass until the next sea day? Is that correct? In other words when you purchase do they automatically take this amount per day for the entire cruise? Or does it expire after the day? Unless you order again? Thanks so much!
  2. Oh really!!! They keep that quiet! That would be all I need, just access to use Facebook messenger to keep in contact with family at home! I’d be much happier to pay that price. I was originally going to purchase everything pre cruise but from what I’ve gathered from this post, I think I’ll just wait until we’re on the ship to purchase!
  3. I just checked my cruise planner account thing and for one device it’s $315 aud for a 7 night cruise. And that’s advertised as already being discounted by 10%.
  4. I’ve never heard of t-mobile. Do they have prepaid sims available (I’m in aus)?I’ll be cruising in Alaska, is the service functional there?
  5. Thanks everyone you’ve been helpful. Even though I’m happy to pay, I find the prices outrageous for 7 days. And I’m not keen on spending my days in port looking for wifi! I didn’t realise using the same login on multiple devices was possible but I imagine that’s probably the most cost effective option, so we will probably just share as suggested.
  6. I am looking at the unlimited internet package for two devices and the price is something like $475 for two devices. Are these the only options for internet packages? Do the packages differ when you are in the ship? And, can you pay for small sessions or per minute rather than unlimited, Or is it the only option? If so what are the rates? Im only wanting to use it to check in with family back home everyday Thankyou
  7. Thank you. Hopefully we’re still able to do that next year. Do you know what free drinks are available at the buffet etc?
  8. Thanks I think l’ll definitly make the call, and probably closer to departure in case their policies change in the meantime.
  9. We’ll be travelling onboard the eclipse next September. Are we allowed to bring our own snacks onboard the ship (they would be sealed boxes/ packaging)? If so, can they be packed in our luggage or do they need to be carried on? Are you allowed to bring any non alcoholic drinks like juice or soft drink?
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