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  1. I thought the line was called Maritime Voyages so didn't see notice the name here at first, as to why they had to deeply discount the World cruises, so if anyone who has taken them has a theory as to why, can you get to that forum to answer it? Thanks
  2. I was looking on the VTG grid for World cruises and for Cruise and Maritime V (which are pretty cheap to begin with) they are up to 70% off, the only ones that have discounts that great are Oceania, which are pretty high to begin with so that's understandable. Was wondering maybe it was become more Americans (including Canadians) take World Cruises so they prefer start near the U.S. (many of those cruises have very low discounts or are sold out) and since Maritime starts in the U.K. (mostly) people nearer that area don't take cruises that much or is it their quality of service and accommodations? Will also post this also under their site on CC.
  3. Thank you so I gather from what you say that the tours through the drive in volcano Sulphur Spring is much the same?
  4. Try using the search tool here and didn't get a response on here, but if there is a thread already started can someone give me the link, if not, answer the question, how difficult would it be for cruisers to do this on their own, are their local tours in the ship terminal that offer that with the transportation or have to get a taxi or should I look online with tour companies. Thanks
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