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  1. I'm tempted to buy some puts today. $50 strike price expiry May 29 only $7. June 19 less then $9.
  2. That sounds pretty much the same as our 2 cruises so far with celebrity. We print our passes at home, show them our passes and id at the check in spot, then they snap our pics and we get our cards. We then go board the ship and grab our glass of champagne.
  3. Hi there, were boarding a cruise in a few days and had a few questions. Were looking to book another cruise to Alaska 2021 while on board, but are getting conflicting info from the 2 travel agents we are talking to. The one said we can't book on board then transfer to group booking as it has to be one or the other(this one has also mentioned that they do not have any groups available to join anyway), while the other says you can as long as you pay the full deposit price. The latter has also said you need to book 3 perks as that is the deal they have right now, although it seems to make more sense to get 1 perk and pay gratuities separate based on Celebrities website. They have mentioned that we would have to fill out their booking forms before leaving (tomorrow) to secure the deal, so they can transfer and charge full deposit while we are still on board before Feb 5th, as that is when the deal ends. Feel rushed and not sure which is true and who to go with. Fairly new to cruising and want the best deal without getting ripped off. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hey! Just wondering if you ended up doing an ATV tour? And if so which one and would you recommend it? Thanks!
  5. Hello, We are going to be in San Juan on January 21st with our celebrity cruise. We are there 3:30 till 11 pm. I was wondering if anyone has done this Twilight Zipline Canopy Adventure excursion? We are trying to decide between this and a bike tour, but this sounds like the better deal as they are listed near the same price on the celebrity website. I'm just worried with it being at night and I have not seen any reviews about this excursion on here. Thanks!
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