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  1. Just a note to let people know about the awful PO Cruise booking and customers service experience: 1. Please be aware that if you pay a deposit you will be 'locked' into a price. If the price drops, you will not be allowed to pay that price, only the higher price. PO do not tell you this on their website, or when you book, or pay the deposit; they intimate that it is all 'flexible' (which it is not). 2. PO do not care about this or about you (their customer service is abysmal; they do not know anything, and are unaccommodating, and unhelpful; they do wish to make your experience a nice one, merely, give you a blank wall; they know nothing about cruises, ships, cabins, prices, what happens, when it happens, etc; they are not interested at all. We have not even been on the cruise yet and we are already not recommending PO Cruises: do not use them; be very aware if contacting them of their terrible customer service.
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