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  1. This is the first thing that came to mind for me! The actual travel bubble the poster was describing sounds like a good idea, but I know nothing about the economics of having a cruise ship sail at what I assume would not be full capacity. Maybe for a smaller cruise line like the river boat cruises?
  2. Update from Michigan: On Monday our Governor announced a shelter in quarantine for all non essential personal or non essential tasks - people are still allowed to go to the pharmacy, grocery store, or hospital, but beyond that and a few other essential business everyone else has been ordered to shut down. Specifically in our county we have been given orders to screen all workers at the start of shift and to limit customers so that we can maintain 6 ft at all times. There is also signage posted saying that if you are symptomatic, have tested positive, or you are awaiting results you are not to enter the building and instead notify personnel before utilizing the drive thru or curbside pickup. Despite these regulations several known positives have entered our pharmacy putting us and others at risk - and not notifying us until after transaction. People insist on coming inside, purchasing unnecessary things - I witnessed a senior with an artificial voice box come inside to purchase beer. People have not been respecting 6 ft distancing and insist on leaning over our counters forcing us to make a “sneeze guard” out of plastic shower curtains. We have had to report 10 different drs to the board of medicine for prescribing out of scope of practice (ex if you are a dentist you have no business prescribing a med used for lupus) or for writing for friends/family in order to stockpile for meds being used to treat Covid 19. None of the patients who the scripts were written for actually have Covid 19. They want them “just in case”. These are meds used for lupus and RA and I’ve had to call patients and tell them that their meds are now back ordered and most likely won’t be available until the end of April. Because of these selfish idiotic hoarders I can’t get medications for patients who desperately need them. People are still running around as though there is no danger despite our local hospital running out of ventilators, and pain medications necessary for properly ventilating patients...forget narcotics, even Tylenol is becoming difficult to come by. I do see some good - neighbors organizing donations of food and tp to those in need, people sewing mask covers to extend the life of single use PPE etc. However the sheer amount of stupidity and selfish behavior I see at the pharmacy on a daily basis is just astounding and depressing.
  3. I work in a retail pharmacy. My husband was incredibly ill - symptoms starting about 2 weeks ago. Dr and I are pretty sure he had/has Covid 19 but we couldn’t get him tested due to shortages in our area and by this point it’s too late. He’s recovered for the most part but still coughing and has shortness of breath. I quarantined him away from me as best as I could but I still had to take care of him. Several people at his work have tested positive since. I’m just hoping I’m not a carrier and spreading it to others but I don’t meet requirements for testing until I start showing symptoms (and it must be severe enough to require hospitalization) or can prove I’ve been in contact with someone confirmed positive. The complete lack of preparation and lack of testing kits and protective gear is truly disgraceful. They are only testing those seriously ill due to limited resources - this is something we could and should have had in place but instead we are reacting retroactively instead of proactively so there is no telling how far and wide it’s spreading. There are already multiple confirmed cases and deaths in the area I work in. People have been freaking out at the pharmacy and stockpiling on meds they don’t need for up to 6 months at a time causing shortages everywhere - this is on top of shortages we are experiencing due to India and China not allowing exports of things that we desperately need like inhalers so we are having to start rationing them. On top of that we have people requesting meds designed for patients with lupus and hiv because it’s being promoted as a “cure” so now these life saving meds are back ordered until the end of April. In addition we have not been provided any PPE. I purchased a box of flimsy masks that are not n95 (because we can’t get them - neither can the local hospital bc someone stole a ton of their supplies) weeks ago when several people coughed directly into my mouth. I’ve been wearing them along with gloves but I’ve gotten several glares from patients Who think we are overreacting. People don’t seem to be taking this seriously and are not appreciating the fact that we are risking our lives to assist them and instead coming into the stores to buy frivolous things like hair gel. Our Italy trip is all but cancelled. I’m disappointed but honestly after what we are having to deal with on a daily basis it’s very low on my list of priorities. So no I’m not ok. None of us in healthcare are. I’m honestly on the verge of a mental breakdown on a daily basis. I’m scared. I have constant exposure to sick patients and I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m infected. I cry myself to sleep basically every night I work. We are completely overwhelmed. And this is just the beginning. I say this not to cause alarm. Simply to put things in prospective. When you start to get cabin fever and get frustrated that your trips are cancelled please keep healthcare workers in your thoughts. We would love to be safe at home. But we are risking our health and the health of our families to serve the public. Please be kind and understand that there will be a longer wait time than usual. We are doing our best to care for everyone despite limited resources and staff.
  4. Um...I think you are posting in the wrong location.
  5. Wow Princess puts them to shame. Celebrities compensation is pretty terrible - especially considering how last minute it is for a lot of folks.
  6. Was that during the filming of his cruise episode? Based on his other episodes and books I’m surprised he went since he’s always poo pooing cruising but he looked like he had a great time.
  7. Don’t know if this was already posted but now it’s saying “change your sail date or get FCC” https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence Not really sure how that’s different? It doesn’t give any new details about the date change. At least for my itinerary it’s only available on 4 dates and the latest is still in June I believe. Not sure how the date change will be super helpful unless they add more for 2021.
  8. Thank you for the information. That’s disappointing to hear as I paid in full a few months ago. The real issue is that we have also paid for another couple and if FCC is issued it would be in their name even though I paid for it. They won’t be able to travel next year so if we were to cancel that FCC is useless.
  9. Before “cruise with confidence” Was announced, my cruise was on the list of those that the final payment date was pushed back to 60 days before sail (March 31st). Does anyone know if the cruise with confidence supersedes the 60 day final payment? I’ve tried calling Costco several times but they are so backed up and unfortunately with my work schedule I haven’t been able to actually get through. With 13 hour work days, it’s difficult for me to find enough time to wait for a rep 😥
  10. ...this kind of sounds like they are preparing for the possibility of canceling the European season and skipping right to the Caribbean 🙁
  11. I didn’t think I could enjoy this more and then you go and wear matching fez’s.
  12. 🤣 after all of that? Probably a banana bag https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_bag
  13. Oh yes it’s not a difficult recipe and if you find you do enjoy it and want to learn how to make it there’s a class in the cruise planner. I was thinking about signing up for it with my husband. He understands how to make it in theory but it never comes out quite right - knowing him he’s too heavy handed on the booze 😝
  14. Yes it is one of my husbands favorite drinks. When made properly it’s fabulous.
  15. This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read! It has humor, cat snark, and an epic hat collection - what more could you ask for?
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