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  1. I didn’t think I could enjoy this more and then you go and wear matching fez’s.
  2. 🤣 after all of that? Probably a banana bag https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_bag
  3. Oh yes it’s not a difficult recipe and if you find you do enjoy it and want to learn how to make it there’s a class in the cruise planner. I was thinking about signing up for it with my husband. He understands how to make it in theory but it never comes out quite right - knowing him he’s too heavy handed on the booze 😝
  4. Yes it is one of my husbands favorite drinks. When made properly it’s fabulous.
  5. This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read! It has humor, cat snark, and an epic hat collection - what more could you ask for?
  6. Our Vesuvius hiking tour was cancelled. Unfortunate but understandable. Unfortunately I got the excursion while it was 30% off and while they tell me I can book another tour the sale is no longer in affect.
  7. I got the email that there is a sale but when I go into my cruise planner all of the prices still appear to be the same. Those that do see a price difference does it just show it when it’s in your cart?
  8. Celebrity air recently started promoting a buy now, pay later plan. There is no money down so long as you purchase a refundable ticket - in my case the non refundable version of my ticket somehow cost MORE money than the refundable. No idea why that would be or who would choose to get a nonrefundable ticket at a higher price.
  9. Well that’s disappointing. Yes, it’s a small thing but it’s the little touches that make a difference. When royal started charging for room service it was enough to make me book elsewhere. Sure in the grand scheme of things $5 for room service or a movie charge isn’t a lot when you are spending thousands on a trip but it still matters.
  10. I do have some trip coverage from my credit card (citi is getting rid of it, but I put the cost of the entire cruise on it before the cut off point) but I was lead to believe that I still had to account for all of the costs of the trip in order to get medical. So you mean I don’t have to put 100% of the trip cost for trip insurance if I’m already covering a portion through my credit card? These things never crossed my mind when we were traveling in our 20s. It was so much simpler traveling with the mindset of “why would I need medical coverage and med evacuation? I’m healthy”. Ah the ignorance of being young and feeling indestructible.
  11. oh those are nice! I didn’t consider getting something with RFID lining - I guess I will need to get a wallet with it. Hopefully the faux leather will be thick enough to deter slashing...I’m really hoping the stories of theft in Naples and Barcelona aren’t as bad as they seem. We are both ADD and can lack situational awareness sometimes.
  12. I will be honest - I haven’t actually used it yet. Bought it on impulse while researching and getting excited for my trip. I wanted to get something I could use as a backpack while moving from city to city during my land trip before my cruise, but use as a crossbody while touring the city to avoid looking so touristy. It has lots of pockets. For fake leather, it looks and feels very nice. The only issue I have is that the clasp is difficult to pull open. It will probably get easier after some use, but if not it will at least make it more difficult for thieves to get into it I suppose. Although I have been seeing more and more woman just using cute backpacks as opposed to purses for daily use. It does seem more practical.
  13. That’s a big part of my issue - understanding what constitutes as non refundable. Technically everything is refundable at this point until my final payment in February including airfare since that was purchased through celebrity. The agent said everything that will become non refundable at some point in time should be included in the trip cost...isn’t that everything? Even for hotels, it’s refundable until the day of - if you cancel within 24hrs it’s nonrefundable. Sorry if this is obvious to everyone but me. The insurance agent didn’t really provide much clarification.
  14. I almost got that one! I ended up getting this: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/urban-originals-solo-origin-vegan-leather-convertible-backpack/5075964?origin=category-personalizedsort&breadcrumb=Home%2FBrands%2FUrban Originals&color=blush I just love the idea of a convertible backpack/purse 😊
  15. We are also looking at purchasing travel insurance for the first time. Travel guard ended up being almost $500 to cover flights, cruise and 1 week in Italy. I will shop around but I was pretty shocked at how high it came out to be with 2 people in their 30s with no preexisting conditions.
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