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    It kind of astounds me that after producing the excerpt from the passenger contract, that we all signed by the way, there are still those that debate that very same policy. I realize there are certain people exempt from the rules but we have to go by something. The policy is straight forward but it still befuddles many. I would be in agreement with buying wine or otherwise (I like ouzo) from Port, to be enjoyed onboard. In the meantime, there’s that pesky policy that gets in the way. Nobody is disputing that you can bring wine onboard. A whole truckload if you desire. The catch is, by the contract, bringing stuff in from ports of call. Corkage fee or not, it’s taboo. Glenn
  2. I’ll stray a tiny bit here by saying I work in the oil industry in Northern Canada and I stay in work camps when I’m on shift. 1500 person camps to 4000 people camps. The food is served buffet style except that the kitchen staff plate our meals, which is good if you’ve spent any amount of time watching people use the buffet. I have done my share of eating this style. I hate buffets, more for sanitation reasons than food quality and when food prep is done for the masses it becomes institutionalized and quality and taste take a back seat to production. Thats why I’ll intend on doing the MDR 100% of the time. The food is still institutionalized but there’s an individual touch to it, the plating of the food isn’t haphazard and, from what I understand, MDR food is tastier. Plus, wine and buffet food do not mix well. If there’s an upcharge for an enhancement, my option to accept it or reject it comes into play and I can exercise my discretion. The charge for the second entree? I wouldn’t complain since there are other options. I love a good hot dog! Glenn
  3. Right now there’s no place to put our foot down because nothings happened yet. Until the decision in question affects Princess there’s not a whole lot to do. As the saying goes... “you need to pick your fights”... I’m not so sure this ones worth fighting for. Glenn
  4. Ya. Desserts are my weakness. Particularly ice cream. Ice cream topped with more ice cream! My cruise leaves October 13 from Barcelona. I am so looking forward to it! And thanks! Glenn
  5. I mean this with total humour that if you’re using more than one roll of TP a day, there’s other issues going on. Glenn
  6. I still challenge your analysis. First of all they aren’t taking chairs out of the new ships. They are taking chairs out of specific ships in specific rooms for specific reasons. There is no way your going to convince me that after they spend ??? So many, many millions of dollars on a new ship that a chair would be missed to save money. Maintainance on a chair? I could only say that would be minimal. Glenn
  7. I think people are getting worked up over something that hasn’t happened yet and MAYBE never will happen. Some folks on CC tend to take things to heart and think of the worst scenario. We need to be reminded that we’re not cruise ship executives and we don’t coach our favourite NFL team. Sometimes decisions are made for reasons we don’t see. Glenn
  8. Yes. I agree. We’re saying the same thing. Glenn
  9. Gee. Well done and well written. I’m in total agreement. Funny thing is I tried writing those thoughts but in a different way and I faced the wrath! Good for you! Glenn
  10. Ok I’ll bite! (No pun intended) What is the Love Boat Dream? Glenn
  11. Agreed. But in the big picture, their bottom line, be it Princess, HAL, Cunard, or any other cruise line, (just using cruise lines as an example) have to worry about bottom line. It’s what makes them tick. They don’t have all these ships spread out all over the world to lose money. They are in the people business and they need to make you happy and put a smile on your face and make you want to come back for more. BUT, they need to make a profit to do that and they’re not dummies at doing such. They just didn’t arbitrarily decide to take the chairs out of the rooms. They studied it, surveyed the situation, had meetings upon meeting and decided to do so to please a certain demographic. We hear the complaints but there are probably more people praising the situation. Back to the topic at hand... same thing. If there’s an issue that’s needs addressing like wasted food, then they are working towards a solution. If it’s about the bottom line, as you suggest, then it’s a good place to start. Glenn
  12. I’m on your side. You and I should head over to the NCL board and start bashing them. I bet they wouldn’t be so amused. Glenn
  13. Since when did this thread become a place where I’m getting a hard time because of what I paid for a cruise? And when does it become anybodies concern that my daughter and I are travelling to the other side of the world to enjoy a 22 day Mediterranean cruise in a mini suite, so much to the point that we need to engage in name calling? Surely we need to realize that this thread is about two entrees on an HAL cruise ship. Also, no where did I mention anything about spending your money and what I do with my money doesn’t concern you. I stand by my post. Glenn
  14. Just to make sure we’re not blowing smoke here I did a search and it’s fair enough. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/3803/ The reasoning behind it is to prevent or reduce food waste, according to the article. I can buy into that because some people... I don’t need to finish the sentence. I’m a bigger guy and I have the potential of eating more than my share of food. From what I understand, with the several courses at each meal, there should be ample food to sustain life. If the guru’s in charge think a fee for a second entree is in order then I’ll go along with that. No complaints. If $10.00 is going to ruin my $26,000 cruise then I need to rethink my vacation choices. I’m looking through the culinary options on a cruise ship and they’re plentiful. What are we missing that’s going to stop us from not cruising or changing cruiseline loyalties? Glenn
  15. Respectfully, it looks to me like you’re complaining about something that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think going hungry on a cruise ship is something we’ll have to worry about in the near future. Glenn
  16. Oh boy!!! Check out where you heard that from and go from there. I’ll only say this... Formal attire and “black tie” are two different things. Good luck with your choices and have a great cruise! Glenn
  17. I mean this in the friendliest of ways by saying there comes a time when we need to go with the deal we made. I surely don’t know your situation and I don’t know the deal you have or the deal you want to make but there’s only so much value in a trip. All things being equal, I would say everything evens out so is the effort in making changes worth it? From the point of the sales gurus at Princess, I would say your getting an equal deal and not a better deal. Personally, I would stick with with the OBC deal you have now. Not my pocketbook and not my deal. Just thought I’d put it out there. Glenn
  18. Grburkart


    I 100% agree with you and by me not cruising for a very long time means I only have policy to go by. To go one step further, I’ll ask when I’m onboard if bringing wine from port will be allowed (for consumption). The shore excursions I have booked are centered around wine tasting and culinary events. So IF the ship folks will allow it, I’m sure I’ll partake in bringing wine aboard but in the meantime I’ll plan my activities around the policies in place. It is unfortunate that we have to rely on their inconsistencies. Glenn
  19. Grburkart


    My previous post photo was an excerpt from a CC post. This one is an excerpt from the passenger contract that we all have to acknowledge when we book a cruise. I didn’t make it up and it leaves little doubt about what their practice is. It’s a tad frustrating in that there are inconsistencies within a particular ship, or even a specific individual. If it’s allowed, then make it allowed for everybody. If their alcohol policy is antiquated then they need to change it. But in the meantime, I suppose, it’s buyer beware. Glenn
  20. Grburkart


    Personally, I wouldn’t take the chance of bringing wine bought from a port. It’s really not worth it. Glenn
  21. I think if you call Princess directly they will answer your concerns forthwith. They are very friendly and helpful. Plus they seem to have magic computers that have all your info. Anything I’ve had to ask has been answered on the spot. Glenn
  22. I love ice cream. It’s my weakness. For ice cream to suck, it’s gotta be laced with garlic or sumthin. Speaking of ice cream, not soft serve, go for the volcano in the MDR. Glenn
  23. If you plan on calling the dine line, ask for seats at the Chefs Table while you’re at it. It’s hard to get and it’s around $100.00 but, from what I understand, it’s an incredible event. Glenn
  24. I put a cash advance into my onboard account. I estimated what I would use and covered it with cash. I like to leave my credit card open for the “just in case” moments. There was one thread here on CC where a fellow, a gambler, had something like $70,000 in on-board credit. So there is no limit to what you can put in there. That’s another story for another time. Glenn
  25. I booked my first cruise with the Princess website. I talked with the rep later to ask questions. On my second booking, I called direct and I found that it was a better experience just due to the fact there’s human contact which makes it more real, and I had questions answered on the spot. Personally, I avoid travel agents because I just don’t trust them. Plus I don’t have access to a “big box” store and if I’m going to do it online anyway, I’ll go straight to the source. Glenn
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