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  1. Here’s my take on it... First of all, I’m 60 years old. I’m currently recovering from heart surgery because my heart stopped and I was “dead” for 43 seconds. So I don’t fear death. I’m not sure why I just told you this but it might have something to do with the story. Ever since I can remember, there have been people predicting the demise of the world, be it the world is ending, climate change, nuclear holocaust, biblical prophecy, widespread disease, famine, and the list goes on and on. I'm tired of listening to the propaganda about the destruction of society as we know it. So some “expert” publicly says bad things and people gobble that up like it’s gospel. That’s laughable to me. Fear mongering is NOT helpful to anyone. Glenn
  2. I have them stored in my bomb shelter while I wait for Armageddon. Glenn
  3. Okay. I’m not familiar with that photo. I’ll stand corrected. Glenn
  4. I’ll stand by my remarks. I must be watching different TV news stories than you. The demographic you speak of aren’t looking at Princess, they are looking at the cruise Industry as a whole. Princess’ PR then becomes irrelevant to your friends who don’t cruise. In the news stories I’m reading, people are disappointed about the cancellations but thankful to the Cruise Line for doing it. A very small number are angry with the process but they’ll have to learn to deal with the disappointment. I might also point out that my statements are my opinion and not based statistics or facts that neither one of us know about. Sometimes what we see and hear are misrepresentations of the truth. People like to criticize so I don’t think it’s fair to judge a situation that people are unfamiliar with. Sometimes we have to learn as we go. We’re not there so we really can’t judge their actions. Without being there, I would be positive that the Princess gurus didn’t tell the staff NOT to wear masks. In those early stages that we talk of, communication was confusing at best. I’m only making this up but what if there weren’t enough masks to go around? The passengers get looked after first, and the crew should then be idolized for their efforts. Glenn
  5. I fully agree with that. An acquaintance was on the Emerald last fall and he came down with the norovirus. So you just never know. Tne best way to contact something is by visiting a hospital or a school. Now cruise ships are on the list. Glenn
  6. Fair enough and I’m one of them. Losing interest in cruising is different than losing interest in Princess cruises. My point being it’s not the fault of Princess and I think it’s admirable for the way they’ve conducted themselves considering they have zero control over the proceedings. Glenn
  7. In the comment that I responded to, two points you made began with “if” which implies uncertainty. If you look in the thesaurus, “if” and “presumption” are the same word, yet you want to present that as fact. I've got news for you that you may not be aware of. There are people a lot smarter than me, perhaps both of us, that are in charge that may think there are more than two possibilities. However, you do make a good point that it will probably be a long assed flight without food and water. Glenn
  8. I’m thinking that there were professional people on the aircraft that had things under control and they did what needed to be done. I think it might be conjecture on your part. Glenn
  9. PR nightmare? I hardly think so. This whole situation with only one ship of many in quarantine isn’t the fault of Princess. In this particular instance with the Diamond, it’s at the behest of the Japanese Government. In my opinion, the gurus at Princess should be proud of what they’re doing. Don’t forget, Princess is still fully operational around the world. Glenn
  10. I’m wondering where the sense of entitlement comes from when people expect to be treated like royalty in an emergency situation. It’s not fair to run down a company that is as much a victim as the passengers are. Glenn
  11. I stand with my comment that the poster is not wrong. And yes, thousands are exposed. A thousand people isn’t that many when you consider day to day activities. For example, a handler that is exposed might be on the subway going home after working all day amongst the masses. You probably need to be told this so understand being exposed doesn’t mean you’ve contacted the virus, but you may have, therefore... thousands! Glenn
  12. What kind of condescending remark is that? You better think before you comment. The poster is not wrong. Glenn
  13. I don’t want to turn this thread into a debate on smoking other than someone suggested smokers are at a higher risk than others to get this virus. In response to your comment, I smoked for 30 years (quit 10 years ago) and I was never sick a day in my life. I know lots of smokers who are healthy and very much alive. I'm not advocating smoking but it’s not the death trap people make it out to be. Glenn
  14. People are dead because of this illness. I’m sure the disease doesn’t care where you live. As you said, people with significant health issues are at a higher risk INCLUDING death. I haven’t seen or read anything that suggested smokers are higher risked people. Some/most smokers are healthy people. But maybe I’m the uneducated one. I'm thinking some people are naive to believe it’s not serious. Especially if you’re worried about $1000.00 Glenn
  15. To the OP... as this post is a few days old, it might be too late but I would be happy to forfeit my $1000.00 given the one of the alternatives is death, or at minimum the risk of being sick. There’s two places to get sick, visiting hospitals and schools. Now it looks like Cruise ships need to be added to the list. Think about it, unlike an airplane where exposure is over a limited time, where a cruise ship gives you exposure for several days, even weeks. So I say the choice is really a no brainer. Sorry to be a negative Nelly. Glenn
  16. I’m not sure where the confusion is. Pretty straight forward stuff. Glenn
  17. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles on the Emerald. I know I would be disappointed with screaming kids, especially when they’re not in a kid friendly atmosphere. I get the loud talking and laughing to a point, however it is a place to have fun (kinda). I was to be on the Emerald now but I had cancelled my cruise due to health reasons. I am envious of anyone posting from the ship. have lots of fun!?! Glenn
  18. Grburkart


    It kind of astounds me that after producing the excerpt from the passenger contract, that we all signed by the way, there are still those that debate that very same policy. I realize there are certain people exempt from the rules but we have to go by something. The policy is straight forward but it still befuddles many. I would be in agreement with buying wine or otherwise (I like ouzo) from Port, to be enjoyed onboard. In the meantime, there’s that pesky policy that gets in the way. Nobody is disputing that you can bring wine onboard. A whole truckload if you desire. The catch is, by the contract, bringing stuff in from ports of call. Corkage fee or not, it’s taboo. Glenn
  19. I’ll stray a tiny bit here by saying I work in the oil industry in Northern Canada and I stay in work camps when I’m on shift. 1500 person camps to 4000 people camps. The food is served buffet style except that the kitchen staff plate our meals, which is good if you’ve spent any amount of time watching people use the buffet. I have done my share of eating this style. I hate buffets, more for sanitation reasons than food quality and when food prep is done for the masses it becomes institutionalized and quality and taste take a back seat to production. Thats why I’ll intend on doing the MDR 100% of the time. The food is still institutionalized but there’s an individual touch to it, the plating of the food isn’t haphazard and, from what I understand, MDR food is tastier. Plus, wine and buffet food do not mix well. If there’s an upcharge for an enhancement, my option to accept it or reject it comes into play and I can exercise my discretion. The charge for the second entree? I wouldn’t complain since there are other options. I love a good hot dog! Glenn
  20. Right now there’s no place to put our foot down because nothings happened yet. Until the decision in question affects Princess there’s not a whole lot to do. As the saying goes... “you need to pick your fights”... I’m not so sure this ones worth fighting for. Glenn
  21. Ya. Desserts are my weakness. Particularly ice cream. Ice cream topped with more ice cream! My cruise leaves October 13 from Barcelona. I am so looking forward to it! And thanks! Glenn
  22. I mean this with total humour that if you’re using more than one roll of TP a day, there’s other issues going on. Glenn
  23. I still challenge your analysis. First of all they aren’t taking chairs out of the new ships. They are taking chairs out of specific ships in specific rooms for specific reasons. There is no way your going to convince me that after they spend ??? So many, many millions of dollars on a new ship that a chair would be missed to save money. Maintainance on a chair? I could only say that would be minimal. Glenn
  24. I think people are getting worked up over something that hasn’t happened yet and MAYBE never will happen. Some folks on CC tend to take things to heart and think of the worst scenario. We need to be reminded that we’re not cruise ship executives and we don’t coach our favourite NFL team. Sometimes decisions are made for reasons we don’t see. Glenn
  25. Yes. I agree. We’re saying the same thing. Glenn
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