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  1. Oh looks yummy. Is this different from a Miami Vice or is it the same thing? Thanks
  2. What places do people recommend for people that don’t eat meat or seafood as an alternative to WJ? Does the options listed have good vegetarian options? Thanks!
  3. That is normal. When looking at the website on the tab that says my calendar it will say at your leisure instead of the actual time. This is how it shows for everyone I believe. But it if you go the homepage of the planner and scroll down to the bottom there is a small calendar there and this one should list the actual time. At least it does on mine. But only if I look at my calendar here instead of the actual calendar link. Happy Cruising
  4. Thanks! I was thinking that we would probably be fine as long as we got off early but since we aren’t familiar with the Miami port and airport, wanted to check. 🙂
  5. Hey everyone. I just found out that our airline changed one of our flights later this year for coming back from Miami. It was originally booked to leave at 1:30 but now is leaving at 11:20 am. Is that too early to leave Symphony in Miami to get to the when carrying your own luggage off? I’ve never flown into Miami so I was unsure about the timing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂
  6. Anyone have any tips for someone that doesn’t eat meat or seafood? Thanks
  7. It is essentially a Pina colada with blue curacao added. Very tasty. Not on their official menu but they are good.
  8. Thanks for the review. Blue Hawaiians are one of my favorites 🙂
  9. Thanks for this review. How long did it take for you all to eat dinner? Thanks
  10. Huh, weird. I guess it must depend on the ship then as the instructions for my cruise says that they are pre assigned. I would think then people should probably check once they get on board just in case they haven’t been assigned yet for that ship.
  11. I believe that they have changed the policy and now they are assigned based on when you booked the cabana. At least this is the latest that I have heard on it. I believe that you used to be able to pick and change them once onboard but now it sounds like perhaps not. Not positive about this though. Happy Cruising.
  12. There are more than one location to the Snack Shack besides the one on the park. There is one on Chill Island and another in another part of the park that is free to access. So you can go to it just not at the one inside of the water park unless you purchase tickets. Thanks.
  13. No, in order to enter it you must buy passes as far as I know. Also in order for anyone under 18 to enter the park, they must be accompanied by an adult per Royals rules in the details on the excursion in the Cruise Planner. Happy Cruising.
  14. If the other person in your cabin doesn’t drink due to personal, religious and/or medical reasons than you can call RCCL and let them know about this and they should allow you to purchase one alcohol package for yourself and the refreshment package for the person that doesn’t drink, but this can only be done via a phone call and not online. Happy Cruising.
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