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  1. I second, third, and fourth...take the train. I'll also say book the 26 glacier cruise through phillips and you won't be sorry and makes for a fantastic day. Just walk across the parking lot when the glacier cruise ends, no lines to get on the ship, get on board and your luggage is there waiting..it was great
  2. sorry, but can someone explain "dh", "ds", and "dd" please
  3. I was amazed at the number of "homeless" and "panhandlers". Never expected to see that.
  4. Not this most experienced at this, but we just disembarked on the 13th in vancouver and no way would I book anything before noon. If your dates fall on a saturday, the vancouver airport is frankly a complete mess, at least what we witnessed. It was not uncommon for people to have been in the lines 3 hours before getting to their respective gates. Granted, we were not the 1st people off the ship, but the 1st ones off were between 8 and 8:30. I will say, the princess transfers worked seamlessly, and our luggage was at the airport as advertised and didn't have to worry about it after friday night. Incidentally, our flights had a 50 minute layover in MSP and that wasn't a issue, I don't think a hour would be a problem..jmo Again, just my opinion, and I'll let more experienced people guide you, but personally no way would I do anything before noon
  5. Can you order more than 1 entree while eating there? The portions looked rather small. I know I'm not going to starve, but was just curious from a first time cruiser point of view
  6. what is the cover charge for this, and is it available on the golden? It does not specify a price, and I assume this is in the same area as the buffet?
  7. Thanks for the insight. As we already booked this as part of our package and paid for, I'm just going to go ahead and keep it as is.
  8. Thanks all..you've been great!!
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. I doubt I'll change anything, just wanted a feel for how things work. While I don't enjoy sitting in airports, we usually err on the side of caution and are usually pretty early. As princess has done this millions of times before, we'll go with what they assign us more than likely. A follow up question, since you set your luggage out the night before, can you keep a carry on or backpack or something in the room to carry out in the morning, or does "everything" have to be set out?? What do you do with toiletries and such that you need in the morning?
  10. First time cruisers on the golden southbound arriving in vancouver on July 13. Hoping someone can give a overview of how the disembarkation process works. Our TA said we'd receive a packet the night before with instructions on how and when to leave the ship. I'm a little bit more of a planner than that, so curious to the process. I thought I read sometimes passengers are put in order of flight arrangements? The ship docks at 7:30AM and we have a flight at 2PM. I personally would rather be one of the first off the ship and wait around at the airport versus the other way around and cutting it close. Do we have to put our luggage outside the night before, or can we keep it with us and carry it off the morning of?? We do have a transfer booked via princess for the trip to the airport. Have no idea where to meet them, at what time..etc Sorry for the rambling, just like to be prepared. Thanks for any help
  11. Good to know dh, and thanks for sharing. Can't wait
  12. Just to note...I to contacted the ARR by phone months ago and inquired about getting luggage checked in anchorage and delivered to our ship in whittier. There response was no, they don't do that. I also sent a email, and the email reply was yes, they can do that. I believe there are several threads on this as I tried to follow and was hoping to get some good feedback once the season kicked in this year, as there were many comments that the luggage indeed can be checked in anchorage and taken to the ship...princess in whittier anyway. I'm depending on this when we cruise on July 6th, as we're taking the train in the morning, and then embarking on the 26 glacier cruise as soon as we depart the train. I was told to look for the white tent outside the station and check your bags there with your cruise luggage tags attached. Interested in other replies
  13. Thank you both for that information. I had looked at the decks of the ship via the website, but was hart to discern exactly where the open areas were. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks again!!
  14. Hi, first time cruisers on the southbound whittier to vancouver cruise in July. Can some of you people enlighten me on where some of the better viewing areas are on the golden when we cruise glacier bay, and hubbard glacier. We have a balcony, but would probably rather be somewhere with open viewing for some of those times that we sail in those areas. Thanks so much for any help
  15. Thank you for the replies. We were looking at the crown grill. We'll just have to see whats available after boarding. 1st cruise, slightly overwhelming..lol
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