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  1. Most of the Joy sailings don't go to Glacier Bay (even though there were a couple that did). If you're on a sailing that goes to either Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm, would you mind posting which one you went to, along with the week you sailed? I'm just curious. We've been to both Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm so it doesn't matter that much to me, but I'm curious to know how often the Joy will be able to get up Tracy Arm.
  2. Our itinerary on the Joy in mid-June includes "scenic glacier" cruising after we leave Juneau. I understand that the ship can either go up Tracy Arm if there's not too much ice, or if it is, we'll be going up Endicott Arm. I've done this itinerary twice before and have been on both options. Just curious as to whether ships this year are being able to get up Tracy Arm or not. If you've sailed or are sailing in the next couple of weeks, can you post as to which glaciers you saw -- and also which cruise ship you're on?
  3. How busy was it getting off the ship for excursions? We've got a coupe of really early ones in Juneau and Ketchikan, and I'm worried all 3800 passengers will be trying to get off at once.
  4. Propel does sell packets that you can add to your water that contain potassium -- and quite a bit of sodium. We might try bringing some of those on board too, as my husband drinks a lot of propel at home.
  5. Definitely the same cruise. I've always been sad my Mom never got to cruise. I think she would have enjoyed it, but by the time we got started cruising she wasn't in good enough health to want to go.
  6. My gut feel is that you're more likely to get a respiratory illness/ pneumonia/flu om flying to the ship than you are from being on the ship. My sister and several of her in-laws recently went on an RCCL cruise to Cuba. They got the flu --- first one SIL, then another, then my sister, and so forth. When she talked with her son-in-law who's a physician, he said the timing indicated that the first SIL would have been more likely to have been exposed prior to getting on the ship. Doesn't answer the OP's original question, but it seems like those types of illnesses are spread easily on planes with the recirculated air.
  7. I think you're right about the two lines different lines. That seemed to be the work around when we did ours. When did you sail? It's not me you're thinking of because my Mom never cruised in her life. We went in September, 2009. Could
  8. I'm no expert, but I don't know why it would be an issue. You'll have fulfilled the requirement about stopping in a foreign port when you stop in Victoria -- but that is a weird itinerary. We did something similar years ago. Took a Princess from Seattle to Vancouver. Boarded an NCL ship in Vancouver, spent the next day in Victoria, then on to Astoria and San Francisco before ending up in LA. That didn't cause any issues at all.
  9. You're welcome! I haven't been on the Joy yet, but it sounds like that waterfront Cagney's would be fine. We loved the excursion when we did it. We were able to see seals on the icebergs right in front of the glacier, and actually saw one give birth. The downside is that if you don't go up Tracy Arm, you get closer to the glacier, but Endicott Arm is wide enough that I heard people complaining about it. The problem is you won't know in advance which way you're going. This picture is of the icebergs that were blocking Tracy Arm so that the bigger ship (the Sun in our case) couldn't get up to North Sawyer. Those little brown spots on the ice are the seals 🙂
  10. That's the day you'll have the best chance at seeing glaciers as this itinerary doesn't include Glacier Bay. We've done 4 prior cruises to Alaska. 2 included Glacier Bay and 2 included this itinerary of Holkham Bay -- which they used to call Tracy Arm/Sawyer Glaciers. Holkham Bay is an area that is outside two fjords -- both of which have glaciers at their ends. Tracy Arm is the narrower of the two, and has two glaciers (North and South Sawyer). Depending on ice flow and other conditions, if the ship can't make it up Tracy Arm it goes up Endicott Arm -- which has Dawson Glacier at the end. The scenery going up isn't as spectacular as the fjord isn't as narrow, but it's still a nice glacier sighting. There's an excursion called Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Explorer that we did the first time we went to Alaska. It's a smaller boat excursion that leaves from Juneau before the ship does. The time we went we were able to get up near to both North Sawyer and South Sawyer, while the passengers who didn't take the excursion only saw South Sawyer and didn't get as close as we did. You then board the cruise ship from the excursion boat while it's near the glacier, and resume the cruise. That excursion says it's 5 hours long, so I'd expect that you'd still be having your closest glacier viewing until at little after 6. There are other glaciers you can see. Depending on what excursion you're doing in Juneau you may be able to see Mendenhall Glacier. As you're sailing from Skagway you can see Davidson Glacier, assuming it's still light enough, but it's an up close viewing. We've seen a couple of other glaciers in the distance, but if you're really interested in the glaciers I would postpone your dinner a little. We've doing the Joy mid-June. I'm curious to see where these first sailings end up going. I have trouble visualizing a ship the size of the Joy in Tracy Arm, but I think if there wasn't any chance they'd just be advertising it as an Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier itinerary.
  11. They should put those in all inside cabins. I might be able to go "back" to one if I had a view like that. Started off cruising on the old NCL Sea in a 110 sq ft inside cabin. The size didn't bother me, but I've grown used to my balcony views.
  12. That's amazing! Is it actually showing a camera feed from the outside of the ship?
  13. I've been reading it with great anticipation, along with searching all the You Tube videos I can find on the Joy.
  14. Breakfast and lunch on the Joy are in La Cucina for concierge passengers, but I'm sure it will work the same way. It's the cabin space I'm wondering about. Wish it was easier to tell the individual cabin sizes from the deck plans.
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