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  1. Apparently there is a rule about anything over 6 rooms. That is why every place has told us they dont like more than 6 rooms and we may have to do cruise line hotels but they may have the same issue. Many folks flying straight to the ship as it is a 12 night cruise and they can only be away so long. For those that are not we want a hotel in a good area not a business, financial or industrial district.
  2. If I sell the 5 balcony cabins with 3 perks I will most likely need 20 plus rooms as I still have oceanview too.
  3. I am used to doing a 70 room block but on this trip most folks are flying straight to the ship. I have never had so much trouble getting more than 6 rooms and that's considered a group. I will try Hilton and see if that helps. I had wanted to do a more local hotel with local flavor and was looking at the H10 hotels specifically Casanova, however my customers object to paying in euro. I am a Hilton Honors member so let's see if that works. I still have 5 balconys left if I sell those I may need even more rooms ! Thanks for all your help
  4. I am not sure why most hotels are refusing to give me 14 rooms
  5. My problem is right now I need 14 rooms and most hotels are refusing to give me more than 6 so we probably have to go with cruiseline hotels . Excellent information thanks so much
  6. We have a group going out of Barcelona The 4 cruise hotel options are Gates Diagonal , Condes de Barcelona, NH Sants or Silken Gran Havana. Which one would be best suited for walking to tourist areas such as La Ramblas or Gothic Quarter. Been yelled at all day about our cabin prices for this 12 night cruise so thought I would refocus on hotels. Thank you for your valued input .
  7. The way ships handle selling the high end suites is to increase price , but they don't always sell so what is often done is lower category prices are reduced thus giving the options to upgrade , Celebrity told me if anyone sees a lower price after final let them know and we can most likely upgrade them. Another cruise line handles it differently they give an onboard credit for a portion of the difference of new lower price. There is always something to make people happy. There is no reason not to lower the prices because selling the ship out is the main goal with most lines.Also oftentimes they like having higher category cabins available because they can upgrade folks from category they are in , fill the higher end cabins and have more lower end cabins to sell last minute. I became very good friends with ship inventory on multiple lines and paid attention to the way inventory is handled post final payment.
  8. I have seen luxury lines like Silversea and Regent lower their fares to fill the ship as revenue is better when you have more people onboard to offset port charges taxes. Spend money in speciality restaurants, shore excursions, spa, onboard shops, increased tips to supplement wages, wifi and wine package purchases etc. Most of the lines know the cabin is only a portion of the revenue, you need an almost full ship to do well. Celebrity and Holland being premium class and not luxury class don't necessarily attract cruisers with unlimited bank accounts. It's actually smart to do what you have to do to fill the ship . Some folks can't book early because of health or family situations , but once they clear their schedule to go on a cruise they will flock to the more affordable options as a rule.
  9. We keep checking inventory and pricing for March. No change in inventory still lots of options and cabins , price staying same on all cabins except the insides just went down $50pp. Hopefully the prices will go down so more folks can go
  10. as someone who does many groups I can say feedback is critical to all businesses. I always pass out a,survey at end of cruise asking what people liked what they didn't what would they like to see more of etc. We truly care about making people happy and without feedback we cannot do that. This is a great informative platform to see what people find and what their opinions are. A place to ask questions you can't find the answer to anywhere. All this leads to a,better matching of people's needs to the perfect cruise for them. I doubt you will find a business that doesn't applaud feedback and if you do that's not a good sign.
  11. Thank you 39august. Could not find the posts or photos of it but if you say the equipment does not cause a problem that's good enough for me 😊
  12. Guess nobody has any photos of this balcony
  13. That's very true . After final the only cabin changes are upgrades where you pay more. Which tax the cabin will have is always a mystery , today's taxes or the tax when you originally booked.
  14. Jelayne that sounds like a re-faring due to price change option
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