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  1. Hi Paul Bogle, Not having a connecting room was also top on our list.
  2. Hi gizfish, Thanks for your reply. In that case, 11022 is my preferred choice at the moment.
  3. Hi Roger001, Thanks for your reply. 11028 is not available and 11026 is too close to the pool deck for my liking. 11022 is my preferred choice at the moment.
  4. Hi, The options I have are: Port: 11516: under the fitness centre 11618, 11620: under the galley 11622, 11624, 11626 & 11628: under La Cucina Restaurant Starboard: 11022 & 11024: under the card room / photo studio 11028: under the pool deck 11104, 11108, 11118, 11120 & 11122: under the Garden Cafe I'm currently drawn to 11022 which is starboard. Does anyone have any thoughts? For some reason, I'm sure I've read that the best side of the ship to be on is on the port side, which is why I choose the original cabin. Are there any disadvantages to a cabin which is starboard? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Julie, Thank you for taking the time to post about your adventure. I am booked on the Jewel in January 2020, Sydney to Auckland. I have been finding it difficult to find any reviews or photo's of the updated ship, so thank you. What was your cabin number? was your cabin port or starboard? Leigh.
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