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  1. I guess I will use Netflix predownload before the cruise. I really worry the lower cost surf package is attracting a lot more people to compete with the bandwidth, particularly in the ship s that has not been upgraded like Solstice.
  2. If you can download a minute in less time than the movie itself, it is streaming possible. You need around 3Mbps for streaming a movie smoothly. Someone just reported watching Netflix without problem. The actual speed depends on the ship, location, itinerary, weather, and number of users at the same time. The introduction of the surf package may have made it worse.
  3. The internet package in perk is the unlimited streaming already.
  4. For a 16 night cruise, the per day cost for drinking package after discount should be much lower than $59/$69 per day cost, but it will not be cheaper than your perk cost.
  5. When are you going? We will be on their first inside passage cruise on 5/10. I can post while on the ship.
  6. If you purchase the drinking package or any drinks above the limit of the package, you need to pay the 20% gratuity on top of the cost or cost difference. Whereas the perk for drinking package has already covered the gratuity. It will be shown as $0 cost on your account, so adding 20% or not would not make difference.
  7. Click on the link below to download: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=464349
  8. For paid upgrade (not move up), it is like making a new booking but use your original paid amount to cover part of it. I even got the new promotion offer during the upgrade.
  9. That has been announced on their website last month and finally added to Cruise Planner a few weeks ago. The speed of the surf package has been reported to be far below 1Mbps which is like the old ADSL days. When OP posted this, I checked my Cruise Planner and it is still available for me.
  10. You can get a $5 day pass on the bus that you can hop on and hop off at different spots too.
  11. I use my TA's website. After all, I will be booking through that website.
  12. You should call to find out. I wonder if they would have a limit on the basic internet package.
  13. Unless you block the roaming, most carriers do roaming automatically and you may be charged accordingly. Tmobile has free data roaming in many countries although most have lower speed. Roaming on cruise ship is not free.
  14. Nope. And it will not happen for a while as the revolution is still a couple years away.
  15. Our actual cost for the classic beverage package is around $12 or less per day on a 7 night cruise. We paid $500 to get the two perks including the $300 OBC and two classic package while getting some money back from the TA and credit card. The good thing is the package perk includes gratuity already.
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