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  1. There is no source that has the past volume but I’ve found sources that have more current activity. It, it also looks like they e finally fixed their systems so that Tapatalk works. Is I have this old trusted source and a new source as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. It's pretty clear the lack of an app has helped to drastically cut the relevance of Cruise Critic. I was just checking reviews for a ship/cabin we are considering and found only 4 reviews since October 2018. I know I certainly prefer to use iPad or phone and will begin using alternative sources for my cruise info.
  3. Doesn't seem to work well on iPhone. I no longer even have a computer so if this won't work on my other devices I'm guessing it's not really for me.
  4. Using a browser on phone is very cumbersome. What mobile apps are supported by cruisecritic?
  5. Other site Is where I’ve gone. Just created new account to see if Tapatalk works; it doesn’t really. Might as well chalk this up as a another site that lost its way and forgot that their members were their actual product.
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