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  1. One note on the buses. They are really large vans, and they will not leave to go back to port until they fill up the van. They have a jump seat between the driver and passenger seat, and the driver waited till it was occupied as well before leaving. Once we paid and boarded, we waited 15 minutes (with the AC on...thankfully!)...so don't try to cut the time too close coming back to the ship!
  2. That looks amazing!...I never tried a frozen mojito...and mojitos are my go to drink.
  3. We had a Southwest flight so I had paid the $20/ticket for early check-in. I did not realize they would check you in with the luggage valet service...then we get to the airport and find out that my Sister-in-law who was on a different cruise, but same flight had antoehr sister check-in for her, and she ended up just a handful of spots behind us...could have avoided the fees twice! Still love Southwest though!
  4. The DW & I each had 1 clunker meal in the MDR on Equinox in June. Mine was a piece of Branzino with the skin on that was just not crispy. Once I removed the skin, the dish was much better. Hers was the pasta primavera that was almost sauceless and the veggies were merely peas & carrots. She said it was not horrible, but not up to the standards of everything else we had that week.
  5. We liked the Seating just outside of Craft Social on Equinox in June. We liked to sit with a cocktail and look down on the dance lessons or the band playing in the grand foyer.
  6. Plenty of youtube videos that give you a video of the food, not just a photo.
  7. it was only the smoothie bar...the smoothies at the pool bar were better, cheaper and came in real cups.
  8. We would enjoy a PI, but my DW would avoid Coco Cay at all costs...She is not into water parks...at least not on a cruise.
  9. I just didn't drink with a straw much. Not that big of a deal. What I did have a problem with were the paper cups that they used in the smoothie bar. They got soggy and unusable after just a few minutes.
  10. In June on Equinox we tended to stay in what we went to dinner in for shows and such afterwards, but I would think you would be fine changing. Whatever night the white party was, we did change that night because if I am in white, whatever I am eating magically appears on whatever I am wearing. You may not want to go to T-shirt, flip-flops and shorts on the Chic nights, but I do not think anyone would give you a 2nd look.
  11. it sold out in minutes...my daughter wanted to get tickets. She is into all the Housewife shows. That is the 2ndary market price. She(thankfully) won't pay the prices they are going for now.
  12. This cruise may be expensive, but considering a 3 day ticket to Bravo-Con in November is currently running $1,200...it doesn't sound so bad.
  13. Not sure which one is heading to Key West, but there are like 6 Tropical storms all swirling around right now.
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