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  1. It's not a 500 minute limit, it's a 500MB data daily limit, you will see it when you register and select the internet package to activate it once you are actually on the ship, as you will notice that online, they will always put the line, subject to the internet policy, forgot the exact words they used on the same page where you saw the discounted prices, but they never disclose what the policy is until you are actually on the ship itself and connected to the WiFi of the ship. You can see for example in post #14 in the thread https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2553872-grand-princess-recent-internet-experience/ where someone else talks about the 500MB limit as well. Think of it as a cap except unlike other providers who discloses it before purchase, you won't know about it until after it's purchased but whatever you purchase will still be a credit on your stateroom account so if you decide not to activate it, you will still have that credit available. Other providers for example even Comcast/XFINITY has a 1TeraByte monthly data limit. Mobile phones usually is unlimited until you reach a certain GB size per month for 4G speeds and then you will get slower speeds after that. Princess is 500MegaBytes daily of the fast speed (modem dialup speeds in reality) and once you reached that, it will be slower for that day only as it will be fast again the next day for the first 500MB's each day. Depending on the bandwidth requirements of the security cameras, it may or may not work. Here is a screenshot while I was on the ship since it even mentions the 500MB.
  2. Yeah, I think the Grand got docked after our sailing on March 3, 2019 so they may have actually changed the tv's. Either that or they use different makes/models of tv's even on the same ship. Can you get the model # of your tv?
  3. And they have a limit of one internet package that you can use under person so even if you bought 10 Premium, you can only use one as I did buy 3 but only can register two, one under me and one under my mom on the Grand Princess. That's actually pre-paying the package but you can still select any other package when you register the account as my niece for example selected the $89 package instead of $139 for the 10 day San Francisco Mexican Rivera sailing since they first put the $139 into your account as a credit and whatever you select, it will just debit from it. The Premium Connect for me gets debited at $179 first and then they will credit the $30 to the shipboard account within a few days so basically the 3rd account I had, it just remained as $139 credit. If you register and activate the package after the first day, it will be cheaper as my mom's account was registered on day 2 and the package price was $169 and they basically gave back $40 in credits after 2 days. DISHAnywhere is also blocked with the Premium Connect package so the way around it is to use a VPN. There is a way to connect multiple devices by using a computer as the router with the VPN also on the computer. The TV does have a HDMI input as it is on the upper left side of the Viewsonic N2690W tv. You might have to clean the HDMI connector due to oxidation, I basically used water by dipping the entire HDMI connector of my Amazon Firestick 4K as I didn't have Isopropyl alcohol with me but if you can select the HDMI input and still don't get video, then you have to use the remote to turn down the volume to 0, press mute then 9876 using the remote which will get you into the service menu.
  4. You're right, forgot to mentioned that it has to be in a cup as the question was asked what brands of soda are included but orange and root beer are included as I have gotten it from every bar including the one in the casino. The only thing not included was the Ginger Beer which only comes in a can and they will charge you for it. The root beer and orange comes from the hose and not from the can. They won't pour anything in a can unless you pay for it.
  5. Are those the prices you see after going into your booking on princess.com? I had the unlimited Premium Package on the Grand and it basically was a joke in terms of speed since it was like dialup and it has a 500MB per day limit at fast speeds which is like a dialup but still blocks certain sites. Here is what I found here on CC: PrincessCONNECT — Premium Package From e-mail to streaming, enjoy truly premium, unlimited access! All Internet usage subject to Princess Cruises' standard policies, which may limit browsing of sites due to network security and bandwidth usage. Applications that use high bandwidth may be blocked and offerings subject to change. PrincessCONNECT — Surf Package Surf your favorite sites from e-mail, news, sports and more.* *May not allow for audio/video calling and streaming. PrincessCONNECT — Social Package Unlimited access to the most popular social websites and applications.* *May not allow for audio/video calling and streaming.
  6. Everything under soda except the Ginger Beer, not sure if Tonic Water and Club Soda is included or not. it also includes the mocktails on the menus as well as customized mocktails.
  7. It's $5.50 if you don't have a beverage package of some type, atleast on the Grand Princess. Photo taken on February 23, 2019. Wheelhouse seems to have a different menu with a different printed selection that is on thin paper but the pricing is the same.
  8. I had them make a Mango Colada except unlike what someone posted earlier, mines actually had Pineapple already as they said it already came with the pineapple mixed so they add the Mango on it. Is the Nohito and the Zero Mojito on the menu the same thing? Strawberry Daiquiri, Sunshine Daiquiri, Key West Cooler were already on the menu. Only the wheelhouse bar seems to have a diffferent mocktails menu which has that chocolate banana mocktail drink. I always mention the word mocktail because I have the unlimited soda and more package. There was one I didn't try which I think is the Sunshine Daiquiri, it was the one on the menu with jalapenos.
  9. I actually took photos of the posts here and just at the bar, I asked if I can do a custom mocktail and showed them the photo of the post on my phone and it depends on my luck, some of them say they do not have apple juice so they put in sprite instead or something like that. The Cranberry Cooler, it seems like the Bar in the Casino had no problem making at all. We already disembarked yesterday morning and I never got the chance to take any photos.
  10. What does the virgin chocolate mudslide have in it?
  11. On the Grand since 02/21/2019. Never saw lemonade at the buffet or anywhere else on the ship for some reason. Apple juice seems to be only available in the buffet. It was a hassle getting them to bring the 24 cans or 4 x 6 packs as you basically have to wait atleast 35 minutes for them and then sign for receipt. We had to meet up for lunch so when I called, they said it has already been redeemed and I had to explain that we were not here when they came and they promised 15 minutes which took 3 hours.
  12. Thanks everyone for the ideas. Put them to good use on my current 02/21/2019 sailing on the Grand Princess.
  13. I am on the Grand right now as part of the 02/21 sailing and basically with the Premium Unlimited, you would get 500MB per day at what they call fast speeds. The internet is not usable and they blocked a lot of sites.
  14. Yep, PV and Mazanillo is basically CST while Matzalan is MST. Already on the 02/21 Grand Princess. It seems the ship had a 8AM arrival but the ship departed at 5:40PM instead of 6:00PM as the all aboard time was 5:30PM, wonder what caused the early departure.
  15. On the Grand Princess now, with the Viewsonic N2690W (model #VS12119-1M), it seems one can select source as being HDMI Video 5 and there is a HDMI port but there is no signal on that port so it seems to be software disabled and the menu button has been disabled. Anyone got it working? Update: I found the solution: Turn down the volume to 0, press mute then 9876 using the remote. The HDMI port might also have oxidation making the signal not work but since we do not have Isopropanol (Isopropyl alcohol), just dip the HDMI plug from device in water before plugging if there is no signal.
  16. Thanks, so if I am correct, they will bring all 6 cans of soda at once and not 6 different trips? I had to ask the last question because it seems like in the middle of the night and the only thing opened is IC which is fine for food but how do you get the drinks that are either free or the USM package. Atleast you solved the free ones, is lemonade available at the HC Buffet as well since I thought that was also free.
  17. Speaking of which, I did order the 6 pack canned soda using the personalizer and paid for it. When do we actually specify what specific soda we want and when will they actually deliver it? I also had another question, for those hours when only the International Cafe is opened while bars and everything else is closed, is there anyway to get any free drinks or those included with the Unlimited Soda & More package?
  18. They are worried about losing it but basically you always have a risk no matter what you do in reality as anything you can't look or physically be in contact with also can get stolen without you even knowing it.
  19. I can understand showing your passport but what was the reason that they collected the passports and how long did they actually hold them before giving it back to you?
  20. Good points. Cruise Ships requires ID and Proof of Citizenship. A Passport would serve both purposes instead of having a separate ID/Driver License which some people don't have. Wouldn't a birth certificate be pretty difficult to carry around compared to a Passport though? For females that got married, I would think the name on the ID would not match the name on the birth certificate. In my case being male, the person at the hospital spelled my first name wrong so it's way different than what's on the passport and driver's license which was based on the passport that was used for the ID and proof of citizenship to obtain the driver's license. I know there are even people from the Flyertalk forums who said their names on the passport was not exactly the same as what's on the driver's license. The US State Department's answer is probably the best one: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/travelers-with-special-considerations/cruise-ship-passengers.html as the FAQ says: I am taking a cruise, do I need a passport? "We recommend that everyone taking a cruise from the United States have a passport book. Though some “closed-loop” cruises may not require a U.S. passport, we recommend bringing yours in case of an emergency, such as an unexpected medical air evacuation or the ship docking at an alternate port. Also, your cruise company may require you to have a passport, even if U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not." This URL probably says why it's best to have the passport with you instead of leaving it on the ship as your only risk is the chance of losing it while the benefits are many: https://www.*****.com/questions/when-getting-the-ship-shore-excursions-should-we-leave-our-passports-onboard-or-bring-them
  21. Like the saying goes, it's a free country or a free world. You can choose to read or not read what you want as that's a personal choice. But instead of making it a personal discussion which should really be done via PM as this would be basically getting off-topic.
  22. I am not concerned about proof of citizenship, all I am saying is it is better than not having it as you missed the other part I was saying, I was saying the ship is fine but when you have a problem elsewhere while in the foreign country, the passport will be better than the DL when getting assistance. Basically, the bottom line is whatever government-issued ID whether passport or DL, you lose it and you basically have no photo ID of any type. Otherwise you might as well just leave your passport at home since there is always a risk with everything. As for holding up the line, if they don't have a picture ID, just do the common courtesy and let the people behind them go first. As for proving your citizenship, I never said that was a requirement but I remember a few years ago, there was discussion of that in the news for the state of Arizona atleast. I never said I was worried either, I was just saying it's a Passport is always a better document than a DL as one is more for traveling and issued by the country, the other is more for driving which is issued by the state. As for whether or not you had anyone asking to prove your citizenship in any state, that has more to do with your ethnicity which is all I will say as I was borned in Mississippi and people had always view people from East Asia differently. And finally, I am talking about the good points and bad points, not trying to start a flame war so shouldn't you be the one who should lighten up as using exclamation marks is no different than shouting which is against netiquette which is the standard for online communications that has been used for almost the last 40 years: http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html When you read something, try to read it in a neutral manner instead of treating it like you were being personally attacked. My apologies if you took it the wrong way. It would but I don't have all day to reply to a post as I typed everything in my reply within 3 minutes flat since I also have time constraints as my cruise travels is in 20 days from now and I still have not even done the excursions yet among other things to prepare for the trip. I am only getting 1 hour of sleep per day and tons of things to do. I also am reading a few 100's of posts a day and replying on various channels on the internet. I am also a scientist, not a liberal arts major. Not to mention, everyone has their own writing style and I always like to be detailed about things. Otherwise, there will be the Grammar police and everything else for that matter since quoting excessively and using either a one liner or less for a response is also considered bad.
  23. Thanks for the info on the B2B part, never knew there were multiple things that can happen. The part where CBP comes onboard is interesting since I thought all their computers and things would actually be at the port so they would require you to go to them instead of them going to you. As far as passports are concerned, I guess if you were meant to lose anything, you would. As far as leaving things in your room especially the safe, no matter where you go worldwide, whether the cruise cabin or hotel, they are not liable for anything left inside the safe so they can always open your safe and take whatever is inside and not be liable so you're really with the same risk since you should always keep your important documents with you at all times. The only time they are liable is when it's kept in the safe at the front desk which is guest services in this case. Mexico and Canada is still considered a foreign country and if people have problems driving into Canada from the mainland US and between Alaska and Canada, then there could always be issues when you had a problem in those countries like a medical emergency or something else in that country when you are not on the ship, then you will need your passport which you can't get as it's not in your possession and on the ship. Driver Licenses only really proves who you are but even people who are illegal have been able to get them so while it is fine for boarding the ship even though you are supposed to always use whatever documents that is registered with the cruise line which is either a Passport or the Driver License and Certified copy of the Birth Certificate. Besides, the chances of me losing the passport and/or the driver license is the same which means all credit cards/debit cards and also the cabin card would be lost as well since I keep everything in my Scottevest so I would have lost everything anyways which also would include money. I have never lost my passport to date and I carry my passport daily for the last 23 years. It is way easier for a pickpocket to take my drivers license and or state ID card which has happened before. So I guess the thing is whatever you leave behind are also the things that can save you if you had issues in the country of the port. We've been to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic which does have a Visa which you buy either in advance or you pay on the spot that is not tied to the passport itself but you do need to hold Visa receipt at all times until you actually leave the country as it's needed during the time of exit immigrations or else you will be fined. We've been to Australia, Hong Kong and Macau that has no Visa requirement but still needs the U.S. Passport at all times and in Hong Kong, the police requires a Hong Kong Identity Card or a Passport which they can ask for at any point in time. For China, there is the 10 year Visa which is required. I guess when you are traveling, it's better to have the Passport whenever you are outside the U.S. at all times for protection as there is always the risk of losing anything. Believe me, the risks are bigger in losing the passport like during the tours in China where each night, we changed hotels and the tour guide and hotel will take our passports after giving us our room keys so they can do our registration and then each morning, we just ask for our passports back from the tour guide which is by group # and they do not even look at the ID or names in the passports so it's pretty easy for them to give the passports to the wrong person or the hotel and tour guide loses it since you don't have to sign anything either that it is received. Someone can always ask for passports for other groups real easily and take them as they do not place it in the order and you just walk up there and ask for the group #. I thought even in the U.S. in I believe the state of Arizona, they require proof you are legal in the U.S. which means the Driver License won't help as that only has your name, address and Date of Birth. It doesn't establish your U.S. Citizenship or legal residency which means you have to carry your Birth Certificate at all times if you were borned in the U.S. or a passport. Otherwise, the legal residents can use their Alien Registration Card and Citizens can use their Naturalization Certificates. It's still far easier carrying a Passport than a Certificate of any kind.
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