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  1. Milana Dortangs is not GRM on the Connie. She left after the Christmas and New Years sailing on vacation.
  2. I’m glad to see that Giuseppe was promoted to cruise director. Back on the Constellation in December he was just part of entertainment. He got off in Mumbai to go to New Zealand. He was fab though, made everybody laugh.
  3. Wow, first ever post here and find somebody who was on the same cruise as I. This was my first ever cruise, and I think for a first cruise, Celebrity Constellation made me want to do another. Steve Gayda, absolutely brilliant. Loved him. Milana, she remember my name throughout the entire cruise, which I think is amazing considering the fact that this ship can hold 2000 people. My waiters at San Marco, absolutely fantastic. Only thing I could fault, the food at the Oceanview Cafe was far too repetitive. Is the food always as repetitive as it is on Celebrity Cruises? What did you think about the New Years party? View of the Burj Khalifa was very good. I stood at a window for 2 hours on Deck 10 just to be able to film the fireworks. Steve and DJ Roxstar made the party incredible and the atmosphere was amazing. Celebrity, you are good. I do think Captain Karatzas wasn't with us passengers at all. He just made the announcements at 10AM, and that was it really. Apart from the cocktail party, he was not seen at all.
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