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  1. We have been in 1110. Nothing special, but close to the elevators. Our first cruise was in 1110.
  2. We board Saturday in a CS and shoreside concierge contacted us a couple months ago and then followed up again about a month ago.
  3. Oh, I hope Nu Image is onboard in September when we cruise. They were on Infinity last December for our first cruise and I'll always remember them playing great music at sailaway and throughout.
  4. I'd say look for about 10-12% if you can.... I have only used a TA once and my return back in OBC was about 11% of my cruise fare. Maybe more experienced cruisers can weigh in.
  5. I consulted different big TAs until I got an offer that was just above and beyond the others. One offered a cash card, but one offered OBC and on top of that helped me save another $200 off our rates. All in all the switch was +$800 for us. I was more than happy.
  6. I misspoke, I meant I will be using TA from here on out, not this specific one. I shop around on everything.
  7. I booked with Celebrity and then started wondering about TA benefits and asking around. I'm glad I did because I got and extra $600 of onboard credit in addition to the OBC from Celebrity itself. If you don't at least look into it, you're giving away money. I will use this TA from here onward.
  8. You won't get an answer to that question...
  9. We were in Equinox corner aft sky suite 6305 and after research, realized the balcony was smaller. Upgraded to CS cabin 1233. Still no clue how that was still available, but we will take it!
  10. I have no idea how I was able to book 1233 on Equinox. I was in a sky suite 6305 aft, and was just kind of looking around and saw on the floorplan that 1233 looked like it had a really nice sized balcony. I did a little research and was surprised such a prime location and balcony was available. We snatched it up quickly. Hoping I made a good choice!
  11. We are on the Equinox in 1233 in September. Do all S class ships have similar corresponding cabins?
  12. I also saw what is being referred to on social media. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say which one, so I'll refrain.
  13. Personally, my only worry is if my wife finds glitter on me, she's gonna wonder how it got there!!! Back on topic, I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about how others live their lives...
  14. Go Dawgs! We are going Sept 7-13. Had to plant to go the weekend we play a cupcake game.
  15. We are cancelling cruises over footstools now? First world problems.
  16. I had premium alcoholic package and Evian was included. You'll have to ask for it, though. If you just ask for a bottle of water, you won't get Evian. Ask for it specifically.
  17. I was blocked also from looking at prices on the one I had booked. I was able to look at other prices and stock for other cruises, but not the one I had booked. I tried on chrome, same thing. Went Incognito and boom , was in. Seems really REALLY shady. That's not a coincidence.
  18. Daniel Boloud is a BIG name....
  19. Do it! I asked exact same question last Thursday here. I got a great deal and that's all I will say.
  20. Did this on Infinity in December in Tuscan Grill on our last day before disembark. It was a great meal. Also, it was only $25pp.
  21. I'd be a bit pissed about that level of service after paying for a Celebrity Suite. We are in our first CS in September so I'm curious to see responses. I'd still tip, but not as much as I would for good service.
  22. Sushi on 5 unlimited for $30pp? Put that in my veins immediately, please.
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