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  1. Agreed that ticket sales will be open Nov/Dec for the summer of 2021 through spring 2022. Several of my friends and I are eagerly awaiting RCI to open their bookings from Seattle.
  2. Interesting. Our kids love to play ball so i'm hoping they would have fun/enjoy the one at sea day in the courts. But thank you for this review.
  3. Hi all! Considering a last minute cruise aboard the Sun to the Bahamas in November. My boys, ages 15 and 12, would go with us. I've reviewed the ship plans and things to do aboard. We've only sailed once prior and we had a large group with many kids, so everyone was busy the entire time. My question...how is shiplife if you have teenagers on a 5 day trip?
  4. No concerns. It does seem odd that ticket sales don't open until Nov, but whatever. But yes, looking for tips and recommendations.
  5. Hi all! A group and I, likely 10 cabins, is looking to book a Seattle to Alaska cruise in 2021. Either July or August. RC says they won't open ticket sales until Nov this year for 2021. Has anyone done this cruise before? Thoughts, tips, recommendations?
  6. Is there a difference between using internet via the internet cafe and buying one of the internet packages? From what I can tell, there are computers in the cafe. Can you use one without buying one of the internet packages?
  7. So first...excessive worrier here! Cruising on the Epic in April with wife, kids, and part of a group. I've never been on a cruise ship before, so i have a silly excessive worrier question. Our kids, ages 15 and 12, aren't rough players. Are there walls/safety rails on the pool decks to prevent something from falling overboard? Thanks in advance!
  8. On another thread, a $14.50 pp/pd DSC cost was mentioned. Is this an extra fee on top of reservation and pre-paid gratuity?
  9. Hi all! Heading out on the Epic on 20 Apr with a group of 20. We have 7 cabins so we got the NCL group cruise where each cabin gets 2 perks, regardless of cabin type. Personally it's my wife, my 2 boys (ages 15 and 12), and myself. We chosen the pre-paid gratuity for my wife and I plus the adult drink package, again for the wifey and I. Our plans are prior to cruising, or perhaps day of, adding the pre-paid gratuity and teen soda package so we're all taken care of for taxes and drinks. Are these packages worth it or should we consider something else? We typically don't drink many soda's, juices, etc so just wondering if there's value in another perk. Trenton
  10. Ready2cruzagain....most of us are likely staying at different hotels. I believe my family is using a hotel which offers a park/cruise shuttle to the port. I appreciate the info. As stated, first time on a cruise. Since we're a group, each cabin gets 2 perks. We're using the adult drink package for my wife and I plus the pre-paid gratuity for my wife and i. Either before we board, or once on ship, i'm buying the teen soda package and pre-paid gratuity for my boys. Outside of any shopping/casino's/excursions/perhaps meal plus ups....are there any hidden costs that I need to know about?
  11. We're driving down to Port Canaveral the day before (Friday) and grabbing a room at a nearby hotel. So many questions.... 1. Should the group head over to the cruise port together? 2. What time should we head over? 3. Is it easy to reserve a daily dining time for the group at one of the complimentary resteraunts? I don't know what I don't know about cruising but my family and I are super excited. Thanks for any tips, tricks, or other recommendations!
  12. Greetings all! Unless you count a Navy ship, first time cruiser here. I have some many questions but for here...how/where do we make group (traveling with 20 people) dining reservations at one of the complimentary dining rooms? We're sailing aboard the Epic on 20 Apr 2019. Thank you! Trenton
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