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  1. Whoops, I just noticed I posted the HAL FB post but someone else already had. I thought I had looked at all replies. Sorry for the repeat post.
  2. New update just a little while ago from Holland America Line on Facebook: Quoted from Facebook UPDATE - March 27, 9:45AM PT/12:45PM ET: Zaandam is currently off the coast of Panama and rendezvoused with sister ship Rotterdam at 7:30 p.m. local time yesterday, March 26. We received approval from Panamanian authorities to conduct ship-to-ship operations at anchor between the two vessels. Medical supplies and additional medical staff were transferred to Zaandam. Today we announced a plan to transfer groups of healthy Zaandam guests to Rotterdam, with strict protocols for this process developed in conjunction with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Only those who have not been ill will be moved, and health screenings will be conducted before transferring. Priority for the first guests to transfer will be given to those on Zaandam with inside staterooms and who are over 70. Once aboard Rotterdam, all guests will continue to remain in their staterooms until disembarkation. Any guests who are currently ill, or in isolation as a close contact, and all crew will remain on Zaandam. While the onward plan for both ships is still being finalized, we continue to work with the Panamanian authorities on approval to transit the Panama Canal for sailing to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yesterday a number of patients with respiratory symptoms were tested for COVID-19 and two individuals tested positive. Out of an abundance of caution, on March 22 when Zaandam first saw a number of guests reporting to the medical center with influenza-like illness symptoms, we took immediate protective measures, including asking all guests to self-isolate in their staterooms and implementing all other appropriate precautions that have been developed in coordination with the CDC. All guests and crew received face masks yesterday and were provided with instructions on when and how to wear them. Currently, 53 guests (4%) and 85 crew (14%) have reported to Zaandam’s medical center with influenza-like illness symptoms. There are 1,243 guests and 586 crew on board. On Zaandam there are four doctors and four nurses. On Rotterdam there are two doctors and four nurses. Holland America Line can confirm that four older guests have passed away on Zaandam. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and we are doing everything we can to support them during this difficult time. Complimentary telephone counseling services from our care partner, Empathia, have been made available to guests and crew if they would like extra support during this time. For those with family members on board, they can call the following numbers for information: 877-425-2231 or 206-626-7398. Zaandam was sailing a South America cruise that departed Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 7 and was originally scheduled to end at San Antonio, Chile, on March 21. Due to global health concerns, Holland America Line made the decision to suspend its global cruise operations for 30 days and end its current cruises in progress as quickly as possible so guests could return home. No one has been off the ship since March 14 in Punta Arenas, Chile.
  3. Thank you all for this up-to-date info, especially the part about the Rotterdam not facing the canal anymore. It is incredibly tense sitting here at home wondering what is going on for those folks (pax and crew) and the Zaandam. Did the transfer of goods/supplies take place? Was the fear of transferring passengers unfounded? Such brave souls one and all. I can't even imagine what everyone on board both ships is going through.
  4. No, I don't think so. Couple of reasons. First it's VA 4129, just like it's VA 5097 (same price). Second, she gave us choices in 3 different price categories, most of which (14 out of 21) were in the $400 less category. But we apparently live by the motto, 'why pay less?'
  5. Hmmm, our agent sent us the sq ft for each cabin and it showed 5097 as being 194 sq ft and 4129 as 175 sq ft. I think those measurements include the balcony, so that's weird about 5097 showing up bigger if it has less balcony. Whatever, who knows if any of them will be available by the time our agent changes our reso. But we have some more data to go by. P.S. I remember a lot of people not liking certain balconies because you see the lifeboats. Personally, when we cruised on the Eurodam, to the right and below us were lifeboats and it didn't bother us at all. We could still see plenty of ocean, coastline, and scenery.
  6. Thanks everyone. You've helped me choose a cabin. My husband liked 5097 because the room is a little bigger, but when he heard how small the balcony was, we decided to go with 4129, if it's still available.
  7. Seached every review and couldn't find for these rooms. Does anyone know if they have plexiglass wall on the balcony? Also, do they all have a small TV by the desk as opposed to across from the bed (we've only been on the Eurodam and it's big flatscreen is across from the bed). Any pictures of these rooms? Taking a cruise from Seward to BC in late June. Thanks.
  8. daisy-mae, good to know about other ships. The Eurodam had a scheduled time each day for play too. That made sense in case others wanted to play basketball on the same space. I think it would be great if ships would make accommodations for indoor pickleball (say the main stage?) because there are way too many days when it's nearly impossible to play outside. I had a SSIPA jacket with me that says "Pickleball Rocks" on the back. That was a great conversation starter and let people know I was a 'pickler'.
  9. Rob Bob: turns out the Eurodam did have center line on both sides of the net. It was a tape line and wasn't one continuous line, but it sufficed to know where the service boxes were. On a 17-day cruise, I got to play only once because the weather permitted. And it felt happy and exotic to play on a ship. The people were as most pickleball people are: fun, happy, joyful. Most days it was way too windy, some days too cold, other days way too rocky. Our cruise was confronted by that monster storm in Hawaii and so in addition to having 3 out of 5 Hawaii port of calls cancelled, the navigator said the seas were the roughest he'd encountered save for a trip in South America one other time. Nevertheless, it was a cruise of a lifetime for me. I may write a review elsewhere, but I am here to tell you that the Eurodam was awesome. The crew were amazing, and the dining was a gourmet dinner every night.
  10. Rob-Bob: My goodness, and I claim to be a pickleball player! Gasp, I hadn't noticed that but you're right, the center lines are missing. I will pack some chalk and a tape measure. We'll figure out a way to make it straight. I cannot believe I missed that.
  11. If you look at this website, you can see the pickleball lines are evident on the basketball court. I don't know where the net is, but I hope it's on wheels and we can just move it into place. https://www.oyster.com/ships/225936-eurodam/photos/basketball-court/ . I may have just found the net. If you look at this panorama view, I think you'll see the net in an odd configuration kind of standing up on edge. https://www.oyster.com/ships/225936-eurodam/panoramas/basketball-court--v27790/
  12. Thanks everyone. Going to stay at and use Wyndham Bayside cruise self-parking. Used the website sandiegocruiseparking.com $11/day.
  13. Rob-Bob, not sure of the distances, but the Plaza in Vegas has a new giant pickleball facility on the roof. Also, if you go to the usapa.org site and click on Places2Play and choose vegas, you will find many other places in vegas. Pickle on.
  14. Heading out on the Eurodam from San Diego on Feb. 3. I think I heard there's pickleball on the ship. Anybody know for sure?
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