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  1. So I just checked in for my cruise in April and had a question about something on the check in page when I did it. There was a part about Customs needing to know where I would be if I was going to be in the US for more than 8 hours after the cruise. I am using a Canadian passport, but have a green card (am a permanent resident of the US). I assume this is just what the page makes you fill out by default if you are using a non US passport and I won't have any issues coming back through customs when they see my green card then, correct? I also just filled out my actual address for that question, assuming that it ends up being a meaningless issue. Just wanted to be sure im not missing something here and my assumptions are correct.
  2. I was thinking this would be the case, was hoping otherwise though. I assume price drops are less common with suites anyway due to the small number of them.
  3. How do you check for price drops? apparently the suite i booked for my cruise is sold out, so when i go to make another booking i can't see the room i have so i cant see what the price is like right now.
  4. I've been in orlando florida in february before with temps in the high 90s, so its very likely it would be very warm in the caribbean
  5. That is not what most people are referring to when they say canadian bacon though. only canadians know what peameal bacon is, everyone else, when saying canadian bacon is talking about just normal smoked back bacon.
  6. not an "incident" related question, but what was the beer selection like? any cider on tap anywhere?
  7. I mean, they did resolve the situation, so it was just a bit of stress. If they offered 50 OBC, just counter with a bit more, and see where you end up.
  8. well idk how i ended up in a thread that is like 5 year old, but im curious about what you mean by the "Royal gives this away for free ... sort of." comment, and if they sell these on the ships? Was looking at my options for a decent souvenir
  9. I did read on another thread that contacting them through that email was extremely hit or miss, and people were often forced to ask again after they were on the ship.
  10. I wish McD's has crisp hashbrowns, in my experience they have been as bad as their fries, absolutely gross.
  11. 8 am is late, you would think they would start at 6 or so. as a side note, how is the selection of cocktails for breakfast? anything good?
  12. Well when your counting drinks I suppose it gets harder and harder the more you need to count lol
  13. Alright, wasn't trying to be insulting or anything if it came off that way, it's just that for me personally, the whole ghost thing is up there with "bush did 9/11", "Illuminati ruling the world" and "ancient aliens" tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, so I honestly thought this was some sort of joke I wasn't understanding. my bad.
  14. So am I just out of the loop and this is some sort of satire making fun of those delusional people on those tv shows with sound recorders and stuff that try to contact "ghosts", or are you all actually serious?
  15. They let you bring that onto the ship?
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