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  1. Love... exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you!
  2. Id imagined waiters going around with trays of fizz! Oh well, we will just have to make sure we get our bed package up and running. Never having cruised before, not sure what to expect! At the sail away I envisage passengers standing on deck at the rail, waving (to who though!), cocktail in hand. Does this happen?
  3. On Koningsdam , Med, July. I was wondering if you get a complimentary sail away drink. If you pre book a drinks package when does it activate? If you wait till on board, how soon can you buy the package?
  4. Thanks, everyone, sounds like we’ll be well fed!
  5. J4NEC


    Is there not Air conditioning in the staterooms?
  6. Hi, thanks for that info. Do you know what sort of thing the Lido does late night? Can you eat it while watching the late movie? Also, I’m presuming there’s a movie every night? J
  7. We are doing an Eastern Med tour on Koningsdam leaving from Rome on 29th July. We are in port in Dubrovnik till 11pm one night and I thought we might have a mid afternoon light meal in town then we are doing an early evening tour. I thought we’d come back to the ship about 9.30 or 10. Can anyone tell me if the Lido or Dive In will still be serving food? I thought we might catch the late movie and have a burger or something. Thanks for any info on the latest we can get food/snacks. J
  8. You absolutely do stir risotto. You use arborio rice, Add it to hot olive oil and turn to coat each grain, then add the broth one ladle at a time, stirring continuously until each addition is absorbed, the rice is cooked but still al dente. It’s labour intensive and time consuming and the only way to get creamy risotto. This comes from an Italian Nonna. On the other hand, you never stir boiled/ steamed rice as it sticks together like glue.
  9. Sorry if you are offended by my saying I would find it weird if my in laws wanted us to share a room with them. It’s nice that you’re all so close, and probably more of an indication of my relationship with my in laws that it gives me the shivers!
  10. If my in laws booked one room for us and them I would think it was downright weird, I couldn’t bear to sleep in the same small room with them! Maybe you are very close though. But on a practical level, how are you going to manage the one bathroom and lack of circulation space. I agree it could be a laugh but maybe for one night camping!
  11. Yes it is but you have to pay the supplement at the time of booking so I don’t know how you’d get your complementary perk. Best, I think to ask your TA as they might book it for you?
  12. Hi. I live in Edinburgh and have been to the Tattoo a few times. Gates open at 8.15, they advise you be in your seat by 8.45. To be honest, you don’t want to get there before 8.15 as it can be very cold at the Castle. If you want a meal nearby, I would recommend the Whiski Rooms on the mound, it’s 20 mins walk max to the castle from there. Or the Grain Store in Victoria Street is nearby too but a bit more formal. Really casual but you can’t book is Bertie’s fish and chip restaurant, it’s huge, very lively and fun but you might have to wait in line as it’s a busy time of year. All these are 15 to 20 mins walk to the castle. I can give you any other advice if you want. But make sure to wrap up warm, it’s a great show but it’s cold up there! ps what date will you be in Edinburgh? If it’s during the festival you should try and take in a fringe show, they usually last an hour.
  13. Is there a difference between Exc tours and other tours? Are Exc tours on HAL website?
  14. Am really enjoying reading your blog. The snorkelling sounds amazing, if slightly freaky, how do you ‘be careful’ with the sharks and not get bitten?!
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