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  1. Do we need for our Alaska land tour and cruise? Obviously we need one on each of our suitcases but do we need any more?
  2. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed reading your report.
  3. Both my husband and I use iPads. We do not have a desktop computer. I have tried several times to access our DOCS, even receiving an email from HAL stating that they were ready for download. Our daughter could not access them on her iPad. Fortunately she has a desktop computer and was successful in her attempt to access them from there. We have all successfully downloaded PDFs in the past so not a problem with our iPads. I feel sure that not all of HAL’s customers have desktops and we are really grateful for this added “resource”. Has as anyone else experienced the problem? We are in the U.K. although I would not think that would make any difference.
  4. Mary, how much wine was in the glass for $5?
  5. I am smiling as I am reading this topic. We have a Thai grandson who detests Thai food. 😁
  6. We are in the U.K. and have booked with US TAs prior to 2011 so we can continue to do so. I was told that it is because of legislation in the U.K. which gives cruises far better protection against cruise company’s changes to itinerary etc than US cruisers can get. Could it be the same reason for Australian and Canadian citizens?
  7. We now have my husband’s Mariner number and I can put it into the HAL website for our cruise. However, I am unable to find the correct place for this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
  8. Here in the U.K. I have seen an advert for the program. It will be on Quest at a date yet to be set.
  9. I have done some research and it looks like it will be shown in the U.K. on the “Discovery” channel, which is a subscription channel. Quest is free to air.
  10. Thank you. I will look out for that here in the U.K.
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