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  1. Clearly, if you are willing to get up early, you can enjoy a peaceful ship! Or had everyone already booked it into San Juan? Either way it looks heavenly!
  2. Just got caught up with your review, and have to say it's making me very excited for my departure in 18 days. We will be on the Allure and same itinerary, but first cruise for us! Thank you for taking the time to review.
  3. I'm fascinated by this thread...so many variables it seems. I assume the route to getting a BC varies by state, but my husband had to get one for our upcoming cruise (needs to renew his lost passport also) and all he had to do was fill out a form online asking a bunch of questions and they mailed it to him. He didn't have to show any proof of who he was he just needed to know the answers to the questions. Sorry to the OP and hope you can get things worked out!
  4. Thank you! My TA mentioned Central Park so it might be included. I am a wanna be foodie, but also a little picky so it makes it tough, lol! After looking at the menu's I know we would love Chops as it is similar to our fave go to here in town. I'm also not sure if we can book in advance with a voucher can you still get reservations once you are on the ship?
  5. Thank you so much for your review!! It sounds like you know what you like and were able to just enjoy the time. Question, if you had a specialty dining voucher, where would you chose to use it? I don't think we will be paying for any specialty dining as this is our first cruise and we are splurging on the drink package. However, we did get a voucher from our TA so I want to make it count. I am a little bummed to hear they don't play to the 40's-50's something crowd in the venues, as that is the only way I would be able to get my husband to enjoy a "club" at all. I can and will dance to anything, but he will only occasionally slow dance.
  6. This literally made me tear up, and I hope that you have a fabulous cruise no matter what you choose to wear to the MDR.
  7. This literally made me tear up, and I hope that you have a fabulous cruise no matter what you chose to wear to the MDR.
  8. Thanks for taking time to review! We have 88 days til our first RCI cruise & it's on the Allure. This is definitely up'ing my excitement!! Can't wait to hear more!
  9. Just checked mine and it says it's $52/day, but says that's buy one get one 50% off. It is a price drop from when I looked on Sunday. Should I hang on and wait to see if it goes down? That is still on the edge of not being completely worth it for us as my husband just doesn't drink that many drinks a day. And doesn't drink coffee...
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