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  1. Thanks for that, I also really enjoyed that walkthrough - I loved the warm colors and design, and also how much seating there was around the ship, mostly padded. I also loved all the marble around the bathrooms in the suite at the end, which looked like it could be cleaned throughly and easily in addition to just looking opulent. Very excited to be sailing this ship, even tough my sailing is all the way off in October. Hope they have an excellent season.
  2. I disagree with the premise. Virgin is not marketing towards millennials., they are marketing towards Bransonites. That is to say, people similar to Richard Branson... there are a ton of middle aged or older people that enjoy a sense of style and fun. Yes the people in the marketing images are young, also true of diamond or most other luxury advertising.
  3. I'm pretty excited about Bimini, took a trip there once and thought the place was great - a special Virgin beach resort there sounds pretty amazing. As for the Dominican Republic, I think it's safe to go as long as you are not staying in a resort there (where most of the problems seem to be happening). I probably wouldn't drink anything there.
  4. I'm a little sad my cruise is not going to Havana, but I like Key West pretty well... since I'm still in this more for the ship than anything I'm staying on. Also, the time frame we are talking about (well over a year in my case) is so long they may be back to sailing to Havana by then, depending on actions taken by Cuba of Venezuela. I'd be little sad not to get proper key lime pie but going back to Cuba would be OK as well. In my case the refund was more like $200 (checked old payment due info v.s update), we have a suite.
  5. We just did this with the company Luggage Free, shipping a suitcase about three weeks ahead of time from the US to arrive on a ship leaving from Japan. It ended up working just as advertised, with the shipped bag showing up outside our cabin alongside the bags we had checked in at the port. The way this company worked is they had FedEx actually do the shipping - Luggage Free sent us FedEx documents in the mail to attach to the luggage, alongside a luggage tag from the ship with our cabin number (that we printed out from online and covered with clear packing tape). A FedEx driver came to our house to collect the luggage. i included a small gps tracker device (gego) for peace of mind, it told me the luggage actually reached Japan several days later, where it was held until the cruise. The one thing I was unsure of is if I’d have to declare any unaccompanied items when going through immigration in Japan. I did not, and the luggage still reached us just fine (was not told to do so by the company so I assumed that would work). As part of packing the suitcase we also had to produce a detailed list for customs, but the list was also useful for us later remembering what we had packed ahead! Be detailed.
  6. A few more days to finish the ship, a year more for Richard Branson to personally sleep in every room for guaranteed quality.
  7. I wonder if they could switch the Cuba cruises to leave from Bimini instead so they didn't run afoul of US regulations on visiting Cuba. Virgin is luckier than other cruise lines, since the launch is still a ways off we may be back to being able to visit Cuba by then.
  8. In the recent audio related announcements from Virgin, they talked about having a number of small private karaoke rooms: "The ship will offer another music forward space called, The Groupie, a modernist take on Japanese-style karaoke rooms. These futuristic-style, full-color personal pods were designed by Academy Award-nominated film director Roman Coppola, and challenge the notion of doing Karaoke in front of a room of strangers. Instead, they are designed as intimate, curved, sound zones perfect for those looking to share their vocal talents and dance moves with only the company of invited guests." These sounds pretty cool, but I was surprised at them having private rooms for this - on the last ship my wife and I were on, they had a fairly large karaoke bar anyone could drop into that seemed to be pretty heavily attended each night. Some people would be sailing in groups, but I think most would not be so it surprised me a bit there'd be such focus on a small private space like this that was meant for a small group. Maybe the thought is that people will naturally form small groups on board and go do this for fun, I could see that as I do know people make friends on cruises they hang out with. Also my wife pointed out to me, maybe one of the larger dual use spaces would in fact be converted for karaoke use at times so people could just go enjoy a larger group of singers some nights. I guess natural groups might splinter off from there. Basically, I just thought it was a really interesting hint at something Virgin was trying to encourage for those cruising with them.
  9. So far everyone who has posted here is about as far away from being an "influencer" as you can get, I would guess not a single poster here matches the colorful hip marketing images Virgin is putting out. Everyone posting here so far is too individualistic to make for a good "influencer". Virgin will be very lucky indeed to find any influencers actually aboard the ships with all of the individuals just wanting some escape from a few common aspects of cruising, that Virgin has accidentally tapped into. My instagram account for example has fewer than 20 followers, and I post maybe once every few months there. Not like I'm going to be setting off a firestorm of booking by choosing any one cruise line.
  10. kgelner

    Day cruise

    We booked back to back, so we can get two hits of that private Bimini beach. Definitely not a party cruise, since they don't have a drink package... just a cruise line for people that want a little more luxury in a slightly shorter package.
  11. The upside to enjoying things that aren't the same as what most others on the ship want to do, is you'll have more space and quiet. Instead of being in a throng of people trying to get into Drag Brunch, you can be peacefully reading your Kindle up top, or enjoying crowd free meals at one of the scores of other restaurants on board. 🙂 To me the vibe of Virgin is exactly against looking down on anyone...
  12. We are on this sailing as well, and the one prior (different suites)! Thanks to everyone helping to smooth out the running of the ship until we arrive. Just a heads up to Virgin; make sure to stock extra limes for this cruise as we will be asking for them quite often from the juice bar.
  13. I am thinking the tattoo parlor might be doing a lot of temporary tattoos (with just surface ink that would wear off after a week or two, and you could swim with). I think a lot of people might go for that on a cruise. So more transient skin art, than tattoo...
  14. Cats with laser eyes are a timeless beacon to fun loving people of all ages, a modern form of the Alexandria lighthouse of old. That dance floor picture next to it is super-millenial though! I think the target is more quirky people of all ages rather than pure millennial though, with the mixture of call to elegance along with the festival at sea and then Branson as the figurehead.
  15. We solved that problem by booking back to back cruises (which we did in part after finding out Bimini was the private resort location). Before that though we were thinking to do an extended stay in Miami for a few days before the cruise, instead of just flying in and sailing out like we normally do.
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