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  1. Thanks all for your replies, some very invaluable input!
  2. Thanks all for your replies. I have gone ahead with Freedom Dining, we’re happy to take that and wait around as needed for the sort of table we want to come up. Out of interest, is there a set time the first show starts that everyone exits for, or does it vary? This may come in handy!
  3. Thanks for your quick replies. The pager sounds interesting, we’d be happy to turn up and just wait around in the bar with a drink until a table for 2 came up. Also, are there tables for 2 in the buffet? This might be an option too. We aren’t very fussy about times, same staff/tables or types of cuisine etc, we’d just like some privacy. With our work schedules we find it hard to have meals together sometimes, so this is definitely something we’d like to keep to ourselves. I’m sure we’ll get to know others across the rest of our time at sea of course!
  4. Hi, we are planning our first cruise which would be on Britannia in April. For our holiday we want to spend time together so don’t want to dine with others at meal times, we would only want to eat at a table for 2. Would freedom dining be the best option to choose for this? Or maybe the second sitting of traditional? I’d imagine first is the busiest. Please can anyone provide some insight or advice? We’d rather wait around for one to become available, or use room service if necessary. Thanks for any help.
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