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  1. Corfu is just beautiful, as most of the Greek islands are. After discovering Corfu on a cruise, we ended up taking a vacation there, in the nearby town of Ipsos.
  2. The Caribbean Princess is on wet dock since April 13th and they are still going to be working on the propulsion. The ship should be ready to sail new and more powerful on the 14th of May.
  3. Yes, there is no need to worry. We did the same thing not for one but for three tours when we booked with Anastasia Travel 4 years ago. It seemed odd at first, because we were expecting to just pay deposit, but everything went smooth. So, I don't think there is space for worrying.
  4. We did most of the port on our own except for Stockholm, St. Petersburg and Berlin. In Tallin you can take a taxi or a bus to get to the Old Town. From there it's easy to walk the streets and explore the magical Old Town. If you get hungry, please do yourself a favor and find this place called Old Hansa. It's in the very centre of the town and you won't regret it. As for Helsinki the ferry from the Market Square to the Suomenlinna island is also easy to do on your own and it was the highlight of our day.
  5. I was there for a month and a half and we ALWAYS sailed on time, never early, never late. 
  6. We booked the 5 hour tour that included a visit to the Old Town of Stockholm and the Vasa Museum. For a group of 8 it cost us no more than $100 as I recall? We got a good discount though, since we booked Anastasia Travel for two more ports.
  7. Yes, we walked to a random taxi driver out of the twenty taxi drivers that were parked outside, and we told him we want to go to the beach. We asked for a public one, but he said it's rocky, the facilities are not good, so many excuses...So we suffered because we didn't know where exactly to go? And that's how it all started...
  8. I have been to the Emerald beach and Honeymoon beach. I loved Honeymoon beach, because it felt like you have the beach for yourself the whole day. You first have to take taxi to the Water Island Ferries, take a ferry to Water Island and from there it's a 3 minutes ride with a van waiting for you. We did it on our own, couple of friends, and it was the best day at the beach so far.
  9. There are a lot of comments from people who have been on this tour under Amber Cove Dajanagua Falls post.
  10. Oh, I am sorry. We were just two, me and my husband and that was our splurging cruise. But I understand.
  11. We also used Anastasia for Stockholm, Berlin and St. Petersburg. We visited the Vasa museum in Stockholm, but I am sure they can accommodate the tour to your own desire, as they did for us in St.Petersburg. The ABBA museum must be fun too!
  12. None so far that I could find, but I got the info from someone who is there now.
  13. The CB is staying on wet dock for the whole month. They found a way to work on the propulsion issue even when on wet dock.
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