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  1. dogs4fun - you seem to really promote Alla tours a great deal. You must have really enjoyed the tour with them as well.
  2. In Grand Turk everything is close by, and actually the beach in front of Jack's is the best and most relaxing. You wife can play with the dogs while she is waiting for you, lie on the loungers and relax and have a drink ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. We did the dolphin and manatees tour in Cozumel. We were in separated part of the ocean, wearing vests the whole time. There are some activities to do with the dolphin but you don't have to. You can just stand and watch the dolphin play, you can touch the dolphin, communicate with it... Then we just walked into the pool where the manatees were, made a circle and fed them with lettuce. that was about it. The rest of the time was free drinks and food. We really loved the tour! The photos are expensive though...
  4. The port will be ideal for you. There is not a real beach but there are swimming pools. Also zip lining, a lot of shops, dolphins, flamingos,...it is a lot of fun in the port.
  5. That is awesome location and no, you can't smell the food in your cabin, or hear the noise from the deck, don't worry.
  6. There was a thread about currencies on the Baltic cruise, you may want to check this thread . We used our credit cards and Euros cash. .We booked or tours with Anastasia Travel for St.Petersburg, Stockholm and Berlin. And in all ports we tipped with Euros. How much cash you need depends on what are you planning to do. If you have tours booked, than you only need money for souvenirs and tipping.If you are exploring on your own then you need money for lunch, drinks, transport, entrances in museums, souvenirs...
  7. It's just that booking a tour with the cruise line is more convenient. You either book before you go on your cruise to make sure there is space left, or you book your tour while you are on the ship. It is a guarantee you won't miss the ship, whatever happens on the tour you can blame it on the cruise line ๐Ÿ™‚ and it is just less hassle than booking your tours online. There are exceptions of course, but in this case for Alaska, the difference in price is nothing. The only thing you need to do is book well in advance for the helicopter tours. Have fun!
  8. We were in St.Petersburg four years ago and booked our tours with Anastasia Travel for three ports, including St.Petersburg. Among other mentioned agencies above, they also offered great prices and tours. We got discounts because we booked tours with them in Berlin, Stockholm and St.Petersburg. Have fun and enjoy the Baltic, one day I am definitely going back to St.Petersburg ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. We used our credit cards on our Baltic cruise. If you are worried about tip money, than you can tip in Euros.
  10. Yes. They don't pay for rent. But do you know how small some of the room are? Do you know that one cabin is even shared between 4 roommates and they share a bathroom with another room of 4 roommates? Some of the rooms are so small that no one would even pay for that. There is absolutely no comfort. Also, they work for so many hours that they just shower and pass out, get up and go to work again. Food they don pay either, but for the crew the food is far from delicious. They don't have much selection and it is not a buffet, or the food that passengers eat. There are some advantages but also big disadvantages of working on a cruise ship.
  11. Yes, exactly what I meant. Using a credit card for payments on the spot or to pull money from the ATMs still means ALL THE TIME ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Groften or Karla near Tivoli and the Greek restaurant Hellas on the beach in Warnemunde.
  13. There is absolutely no reason to worry about what kind of currency,when you can use your credit card at all times.
  14. Tips are always expected. If it is a bus tour usually the guide stands outside and greets you as you leave.That is the time to tip if you felt the tour was enjoyable. As Rala said, in Europe, no one ''passes a hat''. ๐Ÿ™‚
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