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  1. Even if the let you know of any changes ahead of time, there may be changes once you are already cruising. Which sucks. Best of luck!
  2. Check out Anastasia Travel http://www.anastasia.travel They customized our tour and we had two kids in the group who had fun painting the Matryoshka dolls and the ride in the hydrofoil to Peterhof Gardens.
  3. Mega downtown has products with Retin-A. And definitely cheaper then US.
  4. Oh yeah, that is plenty for Jack's Shack! And yes, I believe they had WiFi last time we were there.
  5. Love Grand Turk, but we mostly hit the beach when we dock there. I love Margaritaville area, but as someone mentioned it is only worth it if you have more then 3 hours to spend there. Other than that, the beach is fine and more shaded. Plus, the ocean is right there and Jack's Shack has great prices on drinks!
  6. That should not stop you from cruising. Keep washing your hands and you will be just fine. Even if the ship you are on didn't have a NORO outbreak it may happen while you are there, so just to stay safe, all you need to do is wash your hands often and keep them from touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
  7. We tend to use private tour guides more then booking the ship excursions, and I have to say I don't regret. Especially not getting on a bus full with passengers and then wait for each one of them to come back before we have to get going. For St.Petersburg we booked the 2full day excursion with Anastasia Travel for 8 of us. I am pretty sure you can book with them a private tour for 2. Highly recommend this agency!
  8. Boarding always starts around 11. You can't get on before 11 since they need to disembark the other passengers, clean the ship and the cabins and then they let you on.
  9. We love the Sanctuary, and it has been redone on the Caribbean so it looks much nicer then before. It is worth to use it for a full day yeah, but when on the Caribbean there is hardly enough time to do that...It's always port, port,port....and late sailings. Unless you are planning on not getting off the ship or it's a sea day then yeah, well worth it.
  10. I definitely don't miss filling out that form 🙂
  11. Love the Crown Grill, and yes, that is true, but I doubt you will have the space for more than one steak or desserts or sides as one main and sides is more then enough.
  12. We also used Anastasia Travel but only because it was recommended to us. However, we didn't do a private tour of just us 2, but a small group of 8 of us did the 2-full day excursion. Nonetheless, it was well worth it, together with the discounted offers we got for 2 more excursion we did in Stockholm and Berlin. Since then we always book tours with less than 10 people, and usually the ship tours come with a bus full of passengers 🙂
  13. Sure you can bring whatever laundry detergent you want. The shops also sell some, the vendor machines have some, but I doubt they have unscented. Stay safe with your own and bring it with you.
  14. Not really. The ship is almost empty and the little activities they have there is no one to compete against. I usually enjoy the spa and sunbathing and swimming, gym maybe if I don't get off in port. Unless you have a good reason to stay on the ship, I suggest you go out in every port you can. 🙂
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