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  1. We enjoy dressing up for formals or other occasions. Just as we would when we would go out for dinner at home. Christmas definitely! I assume a lot of people will be dressed up for Christmas.
  2. I don't deal with it! My hair has no hope in humidity. I've tried so many creams, and found that reapplying before leaving the ship helps a bit. Then the salty water and the sun will help at the beginning, but afterwards it's just horrible 🙂 If you find something, I am following.
  3. You can use Euros anywhere in Dubrovnik, but for small things you better have Kunas with you.
  4. Oh with the weather now, you should be fine walking the walls at 3.30. It's not hot, it's warm but pleasant. Enjoy Dubrovnik, I am super jealous! 🙂
  5. I don't think I have noticed tour guides offering tours once we got off the ship. The safest way will be you booking tours online and have everything prearranged if you want to visit the Blue Cave.
  6. I agree. Kotor is a small town and exploring it in a wheelchair is not an issue. The ship is docked in the very centre and from there everything is accessible with a wheelchair. You will enjoy the Old Town the most, but not particularly the cobble stone parts.
  7. July is great to visit Kotor! I would suggest be on the deck at 6, with a nice cup of coffee and delicious breakfast. The magnificent scenic cruising through the Bay of Kotor takes about an hour. Enjoy and make sure you take a lot of photos 🙂
  8. Depends what your costume is, but people do go to dinner in their Halloween masks. I don't see why not, I have seen a lot do it, but we never usually wear costumes for Halloween. There is of course a Halloween party after dinner!
  9. We alternated the restaurants so we can taste as much different food as possible. Between the dining room, the Fresh market, the specialty restaurants, the International cafe, and of course the pizza and grill bar. All of it was super delicious, I was just not fond of the Bavarian night, because I am vegetarian 🙂 You will find some of the dishes they serve in the dining room in the buffet too, but not a lot. Tasty sailing!
  10. I also suggest going to a specialty restaurant, either Crown Grill or the Sabattini's will do. MAke sure the Maitre'D knows and you ask for a special cake to be made. During the course of the dinner, staff will come around with the cake and sing Happy Birthday to your brother, among everyone else in the restaurant.
  11. Hawaii or the Med, completely opposite choices 🙂 I suggest going to the Med more beginning of June and onwards since it can be still pretty chilly in April. Hawaii, however, is always a good time to go. But I prefer the Med, so many things to do and see.
  12. We have traveled the Caribbean only from March to May and we loved it! We enjoy the Caribbean so much and we would love to go anytime of the year, especially this when it's autumn or winter at home, but our working schedules don't allow it. Otherwise we would.
  13. Oh boy, I never ever get bored. From all the activities during the day, I never have the time to get bored. We come back from an excursion, we shower, get ready for dinner, watch a show or play quizzes, go to the venues and have a drink or two. By 11pm we are all almost done and crash 🙂 That is recharging batteries and get up early to embark new adventures!
  14. We like the mattresses on the ship and tend to sleep good. It has never been a problem.
  15. All staff (and that includes shops, casino, youth staff, photo department, spa, production, dancers, art auctioneers, musicians, and there may be more) and all officers have deck privileges. Crew doesn't ( waiters, laundry, dishwasher, deck attendants, carpenters, bartenders, room stewards and many more).
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