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  1. That is true. A lot of the crew like Buffet stewards, utility cleaners, laundry crew, cabin stewards.... share a cabin of 4 and share a bathroom with another cabin of 4. Their cabins are on deck 2 and 3 which is below water surface. I agree with Loreni as the crew need better and more comfortable living conditions. Their cabins are like a matchbox. Can't imagine living there for 6 or 9 months and pray to get a good sleep.
  2. A 14 days Caribbean cruise on the Sea Princess back in 2008/2009. Only 2 sea days and long stays, embarking ports were Montego Bay/Ocho Rios (can't remember which)and Barbados. Loved the itinerary, loved the beaches and got a nice bronze tan that lasted for awhile.
  3. Yes, all the above mentioned if you find the time and definitely a ballet.
  4. Hard case is way better if you have fragile items but a pain when you want to store it in a small cabin on the ship. Soft cases or a duffle bag would be a better choice for me. I find 4 wheels much easier. Carry on is always a backpack.
  5. We loved the Caribbean Princess, sailed three times with her, haven't sailed on the other ships though.
  6. That's a good choice! Enjoy Reykjavik, we really loved it despite the cloudy day.
  7. Great itinerary and a lot more to do than Alaska 🙂 Amsterdam- Is such a beautiful city , you need to get there at least two days prior sailing as there is a lot to explore. Flam Sognefjord Bergen- we walked around the beautiful medieval centre houses and had salmon and salad at the open food market downtown.(The most expensive lunch I've ever had, and in a food market, on wooden benches) 🙂 Molde Geiranger Geirangerfjord-breathtaking landscape Stavanger-has lots of museums Kristiansand Oslo-Hop on Hop off bus/Viking museum Copenhagen- We spent most of the day in Tivoli Gardens, and took a ride to the Little Mermaid
  8. Lovely! We booked our 2-full day excursion with Anastasia and these videos make me so nostalgic!
  9. I am so happy and terrified at the same time! It's very soon to open borders, having in mind all the active cases at the moment. And I hope places will not be crowded, coz that is going to make travel from place to place more difficult. I will be so cautious even at the beach. We know how crowded the beaches get, and no one is going to wear a mask at a beach 🙂
  10. Nobody will care about the brand of your luggage. Very important : Don't over pack! Sometimes I do tend to over pack and never even wear few of the items I bring along. Make a list of things you want to wear and have worn, don't buy new clothes for the cruise. If it's all casual even better. No formal dresses or high heels, if it's summer-no boots, jackets,coats and scarves, if it's summer few dresses, shorts, flip flops, sandals, tank tops. That's all! 🙂
  11. Usuallly 15- 30 minutes after docking. But sometimes due to heavy wind it might take longer or unfortunately miss the port. That, however, hasn't happened in St.Maarten so you should make it for 8.
  12. Yes, of course. The best thing is they won't take too much space in your cabin like hard case would.
  13. On a cruise to nowhere probably not, but I don't mind visiting private islands like Princess Cays for instance.
  14. We have noticed that we feel the motion more in the cabins at the front, rather than midship and aft. Since I do tend to get seasick, we try to avoid booking cabins at the front.
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