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  1. I really appreciated this thread, and am coming out of lurking to say my big takeaway is choosing the right cruise and cruise line for what you want to get our of your vacation is supremely important here — about as important as not being lecherous/snobbish/judgmental jerks and not reading too much into people who don't want to socialize or make new friends. In our case, my husband and I chose to do a TA on Viking (his first) next month because we are freaking exhausted after a heck of a year, needing to force ourselves to disconnect for two weeks. We both have high-contact jobs and a very active social life with our family and friends. We're both in our 40's and happy with the party days that are behind us, and we aren't looking to grow our social network nor are we looking to display any sort of socio-economic status. This is why we gave NCL, Princess, Cunard, the 100% gay cruises and other lines that do great things for other purposes a pass. We just plain want to rest and enjoy each other semi-privately. We will be polite and won't dismiss anyone, but interaction will have its limits so we can get the therapeutic value we paid for. I hope you all do the same careful choosing to get what you want out of your hard-earned vacations. Bon voyage!
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