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  1. I just found that app. Thank you so much!! Didn't know there were multiple apps.
  2. I downloaded the app. I'm sailing on Anthem at the end of May. However, it says my "reservation is not supported." I hope it becomes supported by the time I get on the ship.
  3. Same. Except I took a picture of my spare passport photo (I had 2 done at CVS) under a small light. If you can upload the picture through a computer, that is probably easier.
  4. I am sailing Anthem and was able to schedule my reservations for the shows in the cruise planner.
  5. I am cruising May 23. It says this at the very bottom of the page in fine print: " reservations for your sailing will be available up until 21-May-2019 11:59 PM EDT " . And then it goes on to say if you miss this, then you have to do it onboard. So it appears for mine I have to finish before 24 hours.
  6. I did not get the insurance thru the cruise company as it wasn't substantial. I opted for insurance thru AXA - it was $165.00 and it is an "A" rated insurance company. It refunds the whole trip, covers trip interruptions or delays, it covers up to a $1,000,000.00 for emergency medical evac or repatriation. It also includes things such as lost baggage and non-medical emergency evac.
  7. I'm sure this is a dumb question and has been asked before. I have some onboard credits (not that much) sitting in the cruise planner. Sailing Anthem in May...can I save the onboard credit and use on the ship/is it connected to Seapass? TIA
  8. Do you know if the ship has Levaquin? That's basically the only one I can take..and z-pack..even though it's not strong enough.
  9. I emailed Special Needs as I have many medical issues. I am sailing on Anthem in May. This is what they said: "Our Medical facility is located on deck 1 of all our ships. Kindly note, our medical facility is equipped much like an Urgent Care Center with one doctor, and 2-3 nurses. Nurses are also available after hours. Visits to the medical facility are on a paid basis. If for any reason we are unable to fully treat you in the medical facility, we will get you to the nearest hospital at the next land stop. For more severe or critical cases...we are able to airlift you...Please note that the nearest hospital may not be on U.S. Territory, however we will always attempt to get you immediate service as guest safety is our number on priority." - This email came from an Access Advocate. Personally, as someone who has been to an Urgent Care Center (in the USA) many times, they are pretty much equipped to handle flus, infections, etc. We can't pick up prescriptions there but I assume the ship would have antibiotics ready. I have many allergies to antibiotics. The OP has given me a reason to see if obtaining antibiotics before traveling would be warranted. 🤔
  10. I guess the title of this topic should have been "I would like to bring 1-2 purses but have 3 to choose from". Thanks for the tips, all! Maybe I will skip the evening bag, unless I have space for it. I will definitely bring my crossbody bag and a wristlet at least.
  11. It never allows me to edit posts!! I should have mentioned that I will have at least 1 water bottle (probably 1 liter) with me. I hope it zips in that bag!
  12. So I'm going to bring a wristlet, evening bag/fancy bag, and then I'm hoping to get away with the below bag for the rest of the trip..like in ports and stuff. Is it large enough? I'm also going to be alone so I wanted to make sure I could swing the bag to the front and zip it...oh and on ports where I will be on the beach, will have a beach bag too. Tips/tricks for packing light in the purse, I would appreciate it lol I typically use a tote on day-to-day basis...
  13. I'm Jessica. First time cruiser (since I was 5 for a Disney cruise), as well as solo cruiser. Going on RCI's Anthem of the Seas for May 23rd, 9 day cruise.
  14. sorry I'm late to this and don't have time to read through every post. how do you find an extension cord WITHOUT a circuit breaker/surge protector?? all of mine have at least a circuit breaker. as a first time cruiser, I didn't even think about bringing a light rain jacket..that is a good point. thanks for the tips!
  15. Solarium was complimentary for me. And yes, menus are online in the cruise planner. I have many allergies/dietary restrictions, so this is one of the few "specialty restaurants" that I will be dining at.
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