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  1. According to the RCI website, room service is complimentary, not including gratuity and delivery fee? I already pre-paid gratuities for my trip, does this in clude the room service? How much is the delivery fee? Is this really complimentary???? Basically, i'm asking because I have a stomach disorder and in the mornings, I typically need to be near a bathroom, also to administer meds. If I can, room service for breakfast will probably be the best option.
  2. I am in stateroom 6270..which is aft-ish. I am above Cafe 270 or whatever it's called. I think rooms are above me so no worries about that. I have a stomach condition, and since I haven't been on a cruise in 20+ years, I don't know if I am prone to seasickness. My Gastro doctor told me to get Dramamine for the seasickness..however, I don't want to be confined to my room the whole trip. Please tell me I picked an ok room for no noise and seasickness? Apparently, the smoking section is port side and I have a balcony, which is nice. However. I think I am looking out on the lifeboats..and I'm near the musical hall?
  3. I paid for the "surf and stream" , apparently, this package allows streaming - the other package does not have streaming capabilities. I can't access my maps with no Wifi (for ports I will just DL offline maps I suppose).
  4. FYI - I live in USA and will be doing a RCI cruise to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Haiti. I don't want to pay for Verizon's international plan since I am paying for internet on the cruise. BTW - can you access the internet anywhere on the cruise or is it in the stateroom only? This may have been asked before / dumb question..however, I want access to my Google maps at ports (I assume since Puerto Rico is US territory, I won't have data issues) and obviously since I'm not paying for the data plan, what do I do? Download offline maps or print them out?? Any recommendations? Should I just deal with it and pay $10/day for this cruise (9 days)?
  5. What's odd is that the PDF on the RCI cruise planner says $12 for me. Will the bartender let you know if the price will be higher than the deluxe package allows?
  6. Ok so I searched for the drink prices and so far it says wine is $8+ but most mixed drinks are $12. I got the "Deluxe" package and it says it only covers drinks up to $12. From what I've read on the forum, if it goes over $12, you pay the difference + gratuity. Do you pay gratuity on the $2 extra (for example) or on the $14 for the full drink? Can I buy two $10 drinks and avoid the extra stuff (difference + gratuity)? What about a drink that is $10 and a shot that is $4 (over the $12 limit)? If anyone can post a price list for the drinks on Anthem, that would be simpler. Maybe one that includes the drinks over $12?? Like what if I want 2 shots of vodka in my drink instead of 1 shot (I assume that is standard)? For reference, the drinks I like to order are cheap moscato, cranberry/vodka (how much would 2 shots of Grey Goose [included in pkg] and cranberry cost?], Long Island Iced Tea, strawberry daiquiri, and maybe tequila or vodka shots. I like Ketel One (which I didn't see listed) but they offer Patron Silver??? I'm trying to avoid extra charges on top of the overpriced deluxe package. Thanks!!
  7. What do you mean pay difference to upgrade? I thought the deluxe package had unlimited alcohol (of alc that was listed in the description).so you are saying they have more options not on the list and they cost more?
  8. i need the water package because RCI told me on the phone they can't guarantee where the water bottles come from 😞 at least with the package I'm guaranteed to have the water I want. (I am a water b**ch and have stomach issues)
  9. FYI I CANCELLED MY WINE DELIVERY AND CAVED AND GOT THE DELUXE PACKAGE. I spoke to RCI on the phone and they can't guarantee the brand of bottled water so I'm keeping the bottled water delivery.
  10. I ordered the wine from "Royal Gifts" so I setup as a gift to myself to be delivered to my room on the day I get on the ship. I ordered 3 bottles of the same wine - hope I like it.
  11. Thanks for the info, all! So if I want like a strawberry daiquiri - how much will that put me back? I know they add 18% gratuity to each drink. Since I will have wine in my room, I think the only stuff I'm going to enjoy are the frozen alcohol things, since I don't typically get those outside of vacation!
  12. Great 😕 so it's not a "name brand" per say? It's RCI's brand?
  13. Thank you for the info. I was going to check on the price I paid for water and the wine. In regards to the unlimited bottle of water, do you know what brand it is? I ordered Evian, I am VERY picky about the water I drink. I don't want like a Sam's Club bottled water, you know what I mean? Also, I keep reading about the "naughty" room. Are these like private rooms or is everyone standing around awkwardly LOL?
  14. Thanks for the tip about the luggage. I don't drink soda or coffee, so that's the other issue. I know those are included but I don't drink them. 🤷‍♀️
  15. I am sailing Anthem of the Seas at the end of May out of Bayonne. First time cruiser too. Question 1 - I see the deluxe drink package is now $46/per day. I don't want to pay that. Will RCI continue to drop prices on drink packages as we get closer to embarking? I am a solo cruiser and don't think I will be drinking that much. It ends up being around $500 for my trip. I also already ordered water bottles to be delivered to my room, since I don't drink anything else except for tea and I was going to bring my own tea bags to save money. I assume getting hot water is easy enough? In terms of liquor, I may have 1-2 hard drinks a day as I ordered wine to be delivered to my room as well to save money. I hate looking at that $500 number but people keep telling me it's worth it. I don't!! Question 2 - which might be stupid to ask. I know you can bring unlimited suitcases aslong as they are tagged with the RCI luggage tags. It literally says "carry on" luggage to hold wine etc. Does that mean the small rolling suitcases that are taken onto airplanes as "carry on" luggage are not allowed since they have wheels? I assume I am asking a stupid question and as long as I drag it, RCI doesn't care? Question 3 - I bought TSA/customs approved luggage locks. Can I keep my checked bags locked and if they need to open them, they will do it? I assume checked bags are not inspected in front of me?
  16. I just found that app. Thank you so much!! Didn't know there were multiple apps.
  17. I downloaded the app. I'm sailing on Anthem at the end of May. However, it says my "reservation is not supported." I hope it becomes supported by the time I get on the ship.
  18. Same. Except I took a picture of my spare passport photo (I had 2 done at CVS) under a small light. If you can upload the picture through a computer, that is probably easier.
  19. I am sailing Anthem and was able to schedule my reservations for the shows in the cruise planner.
  20. I am cruising May 23. It says this at the very bottom of the page in fine print: " reservations for your sailing will be available up until 21-May-2019 11:59 PM EDT " . And then it goes on to say if you miss this, then you have to do it onboard. So it appears for mine I have to finish before 24 hours.
  21. I'm sure this is a dumb question and has been asked before. I have some onboard credits (not that much) sitting in the cruise planner. Sailing Anthem in May...can I save the onboard credit and use on the ship/is it connected to Seapass? TIA
  22. Do you know if the ship has Levaquin? That's basically the only one I can take..and z-pack..even though it's not strong enough.
  23. I emailed Special Needs as I have many medical issues. I am sailing on Anthem in May. This is what they said: "Our Medical facility is located on deck 1 of all our ships. Kindly note, our medical facility is equipped much like an Urgent Care Center with one doctor, and 2-3 nurses. Nurses are also available after hours. Visits to the medical facility are on a paid basis. If for any reason we are unable to fully treat you in the medical facility, we will get you to the nearest hospital at the next land stop. For more severe or critical cases...we are able to airlift you...Please note that the nearest hospital may not be on U.S. Territory, however we will always attempt to get you immediate service as guest safety is our number on priority." - This email came from an Access Advocate. Personally, as someone who has been to an Urgent Care Center (in the USA) many times, they are pretty much equipped to handle flus, infections, etc. We can't pick up prescriptions there but I assume the ship would have antibiotics ready. I have many allergies to antibiotics. The OP has given me a reason to see if obtaining antibiotics before traveling would be warranted. 🤔
  24. I guess the title of this topic should have been "I would like to bring 1-2 purses but have 3 to choose from". Thanks for the tips, all! Maybe I will skip the evening bag, unless I have space for it. I will definitely bring my crossbody bag and a wristlet at least.
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