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  1. Oh thank you, I’d not have known that, and will watch out for it as sounds like a great opportunity to be in the moment for me and for my husband to take his photo gear out!
  2. Super, we are boarding in a few hours and embarking tomorrow!
  3. We look forward to seeing them, even though, as I mentioned the full moon will reduce our chances, but this won't be a deal breaker 😉 just a super added bonus if we do see them. Hope you've had a wonderful time onboard the Ms Amsterdam.
  4. Thanks for these alerts sites 😊 I use an app on my phone called ‘My Aurora alert’ and it has been very accurate as it gave me an alert on both nights @cruises42 saw them. Our cruise though is next week and we will have a full moon which drastically reduces the chance to see them though, still 🤞 Have set up a few locations alerts along our Alaska routes.
  5. Yes indeed, re: responsibility. And it never hurts to ask though. When you don’t ask, you don’t get. But when you do ask, you may get 😉 I’ve read on CC about 4 different cruisers who were woken up as they had left words at Guest Services (pretty sure from memory these were on HAL), so merely agreed with the previous cruiser saying they had read it. If they say no, of course, we will still make it happen if they do appear 🤗 by making the most of our time.
  6. Thanks Karen, sounds great, as it seems we will have him for the first week onboard!
  7. Thanks so much for your reply and all of this info! We are embarking on Monday for a 14-day cruise in Alaska, so it'd seem that we will have one for the first week and the other for the other week. We are renewing our vows on the 15th, so it'd mean Captain Schuchman will be doing the ceremony.
  8. 😂 So funny, as you were typing this to me, I was typing my answer to you having discovered your latest WOW post!!!
  9. How lovely, something extra special to look forward to!!! Thank you 🤗 I will for sure come back and report on everything 😍
  10. Another, WOW for you @sailingdutchy Congratulations on your 50th!!! Thank you for coming back to us and this thread and sharing your experience as well as these amazing pictures. Sounds like it was very special from start to finish, and you planning the whole thing, extra brownie points. You two look dashing and knowing your beautiful wife did not know about it, wow, her outfit is perfect!!! And that tie, my Dutch husband has a very similar one -- he will wear it on Orange Party night next week. It'd seem we might get a 'Cutting the cake' pic (well, if we get any pics), which we actually did not get on our wedding day, that'd be nice. And, I love seeing her wrist corsage as I also requested one, with red roses. Thank you so much. And, thank you for your best wishes -- we are SO excited and packing right now, as we are flying on Sunday to Seattle and embarking on Monday. And, then, having our ROV on the Sunday that first cruise week, Sept 15th.
  11. I was just thinking the same Mary -- this is (and not because I started it 😂) one of my FAV threads on here, so full of love and happiness. It has been amazing having so many people share their past ROVs and so many joining us and booking theirs!!!
  12. Wow, @St. Louis Sal, thank you so much, and double wow, congratulations on your upcoming 50th year anniversary. My husband and I have yet to reach such a milestone, yet, it has been on our minds and path from the very beginning, as we discussed this during our very first date, and talked about 50+ years. I still remember looking at him from across the dinner table and thinking, wow 😍 It was close to 20 years ago and I still remember that moment! Appreciate you taking the time to copy the wording too; I had not seen that first paragraph from the Captain before and, ouh la la, if these are the words for ours, next week, I might lose it 😅 how beautiful and perfect, and we will hear these and relate so much and I cannot wait till next week!!! How nice that you had someone take pics; that's the only thing I'm not sure how it will all go. On one hand, I want to be in the moment, but on the other one, I'd love to have lots of pics to hold and cherish for years to come, but as we will be by ourselves, not sure what will happen... Your photo worked and, what a moment this captured: you two look SO in love and in sync with each other, it is beautiful.
  13. Thank you; the cruise in itself is so special and marking our special milestone with the onboard ROV makes it extra extra extra special!!!
  14. Wow, how amazing, 2 nights in a row @cruises42 We are embarking on Monday on the ms Amsterdam (EXCITEMENT IN THE AIR!), and hope we'll see them, even though, it is not great timing with the full moon; someone did mention before, we could ask Guest Services, and I'll certainly try, as we'd really not mind being woken up at any time of the night should they be showing!!!
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