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  1. We were also on the Azura in Amsterdam this weekend. Our first and last cruise. It felt like being trapped in a mediocre shopping mall for the weekend. Impossible to get off the ship on Saturday - people queuing for hours and then having to wait outside on the dock for the buses to return from Amsterdam for 40minutes or more. We did go in on Sunday - fortunate to be on the first coach at 8.00 am but I gather by 10.30 it was another riot. We came back mid afternoon but my husband stayed in the city longer and had to queue for ages to get on the return shuttle. TBH it felt like a huge waste of money and we weren't impressed in any Way with P&O. Glad it was only four days and not a couple of weeks.
  2. After this experience I wont be booking with a large cruise company again. It's my first and last. They might take advantage of me once but definitely not twice. We'll continue to seek compensation but all this hassle and feeling that my money is ALL that interests them, and not actually providing a good level of service, leaves a bad taste.
  3. Just to clarify - I'm not suggesting the Observer are or have obtained compensation for us but we're pleased that a national newspaper seems to be taking an interest.
  4. We've been contacted by the Observer in response to an email my husband sent to Anna Tims (anna.tims@theguardian.com). Anyone wishing to seek compensation might want to also write to her and include details of when you booked, when you were advised of the change and any communication you've had with P&O about the change. I'm so pleased to see that this is still being discussed and that, like us, others aren't going to let P&O off without a damn good challenge.
  5. Hi Terriejohn - I lodged my complaint via Twitter and saw several comments from passengers on the 'Amsterdam' cruise/bus trip. I got a speedy response asking me to DM (direct message) them, which I did but it's clear they're not going to take our complaints seriously. I did post some critical comments about the handling of the change and said I felt we'd been mis-sold to. My husband wrote to the MD and CEO and one of their assistants called today to say that they would not be offering any compensation as this was not a 'significant change'. We're appalled that they've taken this attitude and will continue to seek some sort of satisfaction from what is - for us - a wholly unsatisfactory situation.
  6. I'm following every route to try to obtain compensation, including sharing ideas with passengers also affected.
  7. Ever heard of free speech? I wondered why you were so 'invested' in this exchange of thoughts, genuine complaints and sharing of ideas to seek compensation for a cynical move made by a company which seems deaf to the justified grievances of its passengers. As I've said before on this thread - first P&O/Carnival Group cruise and definitely the last.
  8. Hi Alison - we're 'in the same boat'. I wasn't expecting P&O to change the docking arrangements but it would be nice if they accepted responsibility for the immense disappointment caused and how they've handled the situation very badly. I also think customers should have been given some form of compensation or opportunity to change their booking (a full refund would be nice - and pigs might fly) instead of which they say there's nothing they can do. A satisfactory resolution to this is entirely in their hands but they refuse to do the right thing. As my husband comments 'not everything that's dishonest is illegal '. We will continue to complain to P&O (even if we get nowhere) and will be lodging our ABTA complaint this weekend. Aside from all the disappointment and inconvenience I hope all fellow Amsterdam passengers on this thread have a very enjoyable time and hope maybe to meet some of you whilst we're on board. Best of luck to all 😀
  9. Well - my first (and last) booking with P&O and I've found their CS to be politely hopeless. I've been told we have to wait 28 days for a response to our complaint - just as we're due to travel. Sorry - for this trip they've been appalling and I wouldn't risk my money on another trip with them.
  10. And when we booked it clearly stated we were docking in Amsterdam and that's why we booked. My complaint stands and I'll look to raise it with those who are also impacted and those who can effect a satisfactory resolution. Thanks for your contribution.
  11. But it's not supposition and hearsay. We are a group of passengers who have been misled ((deliberately, as P&O knew about this change but continued to sell the package as docking in Amsterdam) and have complained and been told there's no compensation, change or refund allowed. The ball is entirely in the company's hands to do something and they are refusing to do so. That is fact. And as a passenger I am not going to simply allow the company to get away with this shoddy service without at least trying to get some sort of resolution.
  12. My complaint is with P&O. It seems they have a high handed way of treating their customers - regardless of where they're sailing to. there are a fair few different categories of complaint on their Twitter feed.
  13. Thank you for your information. The difference in approach between the two companies is very relevant. As someone affected by this change I feel I am being fobbed off by P&O who are offering nothing by way of apology or goodwill gesture. It feels like another case of a big company taking advantage of its customers. If others are happy to be taken advantage of that's fine but I will keep making a fuss until I receive better treatment. Thanks again.
  14. Pete14 - pleased you have happy memories. But as a group of passengers who feel very unhappy with the service from P&O we're perfectly at liberty to share advice and support to each other. We are also perfectly at liberty to decide whether to act on that advice. This is where public forums and social media can be of real benefit. Because you have high regard for a company doesn't exclude others making a stand when they feel that same company is deliberately misleading them.
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