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  1. Do you like French wine? Bordeaux? Burgundy? Most cruises will take you to average to below average places. If you venture out on your own, you can do a lot better.
  2. You can have equally wonderful evening with other companions. What is so special about these guys that it is important to some people? Do these people want to eat with the in house hotel director when they visit the Atlanta marriott? Do they want to learn more from the chief engineer at any of the massive hotel in Las Vegas at dinner? Do accountants want to talk to in house accountant at a hotel? I am guessing not even though you can get recommendations, life stories, etc... all the same stuff from these guys as you would get from the cruise officers. I can see solo travelers would be interested in this kind of things mainly because of the socializing aspect of dining with others. Roland4 might be on to something that some people like to be ¨stroked¨ that way. The free wines are convincing though.
  3. I don´t see any offer on mine. urgh.
  4. I'm curious why do some people care to eat with officers at all? It's something TC2 touched upon when comparing Regent and Crystal. Do you have access to better food when you eat with them? What is the appeal?
  5. For sake, as long as it is classified as junmai daiginjo, regardless of brand, it should still be very good. I am so glad you get to see Mark. He is impressive.
  6. The 2008 dom perignon just hit the States in the past month. I am impressed they were able to pour it for you already. Vintage of the decade, I heard, so I loaded up. I will try to get into the champagne lunch for sure now.
  7. Got my credit, too. I guess they were waiting for Crystal to rebate them.
  8. How do one even find out about these kind of VR offer? I cannot afford it anyway. Wonder what they do with the dregs at the end of the night.
  9. Seriously? Unlimited Grange? How do they even make any money?
  10. If the loyal RC crowd have that expectation coming in, Ritz Carlton cruise should be amazing. Nothing alienate your customers faster than selling mutton dressed as lamb. They will end up losing their loyal base if the cruise is a debacle. This new venture is a huge gamble for them. Don't think they are taking it as lightly as you think they are.
  11. If we compare to hotel, that room is at best equivalent to a new four points sheraton but with Hermes amenities. 🙂
  12. I, too, am waiting for Chase credit. I never had any issue with previous cash back offers from Chase. Always saw credit about 2 weeks after the charge posted. Not sure what is happening with this particular offer. Amex Platinum is better or worse is moot point since there is no current amex offer. If credit does not automatically post, you will be chasing amex as well and the experience isn't that great, either.
  13. Holy smoke, the price is insane. The least offensive offering is Shafer One Point Five. Then Shafer TD 9. The mark up is next to nothing, and the wines are good. I guess I will be getting those next time. Au Sommet (especially 2011) for almost $400 is a joke. Everyone knows 2011 is the most challenging year in Napa in the last 20 years. A lot of wineries just skipped all together. Look at the list by Heidi Barrett, most are from 2011. I had 2 different vintages of Au Sommet, neither is 2011, and while they are good, there are plenty of wines in the low $100s that will blow it out of the water. 2011? LOL. Crystal must have gotten them pennies on the dollar for these 2011s. Bordeaux wines are too expensive. I paid 1/3 for better vintages of Lynch Bages and Las Cases.
  14. Some bottles were like $7 or $8 retail. I wish it was $18-24.
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