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  1. https://skift.com/2017/09/15/crystal-cruises-hires-disney-veteran-in-shakeup-to-replace-outgoing-ceo-edie-rodriguez/ Some insight into what eroller & Host Jazzbeau brought up earlier. The 787-8 dreamliner is currently in storage, waiting to be sold. It is part of the terrible teen of the Dreamliner family where production was non-standard. I think they will lose a lot of money on that dreamliner.
  2. Each dept still have their own budget, operating expenses, etc... So the Crystal division should get some money out of this deal. Maybe concession for future ships. I wonder what they are going to do? Will they up market the ship and create another tier of river cruising within their portfolio. Are they going to do another renovation to differentiate it from the other 4 ships.
  3. In this clip, they talked about the upgrade process on the Mozart. I bet Crystal is making back all their investment to sell such a beautiful ship.
  4. I love the Mozart. It is sad. Whoever is the next owner will enjoy the decor and the upgrade Crystal had put into the ship. Big loss for Crystal as this is their best river ship. I, too, saw the Ravel and it didn´t feel as good.
  5. When I came back and shared the caviar pics to my friend, he was aghast. Metal spoon with caviar, the nerve!
  6. They can only go in the widest part of the Danube (between Passau and Budapest)
  7. I went to one in Berlin a while back and it messed me for the remainder of that trip. Now, when I am on vacation, I avoid anything heavy like that.
  8. Thank you for your reports. It brings back so many memories. I miss the Mozart and it was just weeks ago. I agree that the experience was amazing, and the service level is very high. Would you say the food/service/room are better/same/worse than the Ocean?
  9. It depends on the generously discounted price. Onboard booking does not apply to some promo rate. I tried to use my onboard booking for something and Crystal denied it and said it cannot be combined. Ask your TA to contact Crystal first to see if it will work. My open booking is booked in 2019, so the $100 will be refunded to my credit card if I don´t select anything by the end of the 6 months period. I am not sure about 2020 open booking.
  10. From pictures alone, I feel like the river cruise interior (public space, cabin, etc) is higher end than the ocean ship. Is that the general consensus? I will be on the Rhine class ship later this year. I really like the extra public space on the Mozart as well, so I don't know how it will be.
  11. I'm trying to convince my SO of an Antarctica cruise. Are you saying you have been on a few cruises to Antarctica and none of them come close?
  12. You never had osso bucco before? One night, they served that on the Mozart and I thought it was one of the best I have ever had.
  13. Can't wait to see what Keith think of the Mozart compare to Crystal ocean voyage. Please do a comparison post. 🙂
  14. River ships also don't have to store for 1000 guests. If you scale it down, they only have to bring so little. They also don't have to store so much as most ingredients are bought locally. The butler referred to the austrian sparkling wine in the room "champagne" all the time.
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