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  1. The exchange has shrunk greatly since many of us travel with Kindles rather that the weight of the many books we always had years ago.I would not count on your finding much to your taste. The library is usually well stocked with newer novels and many travel books.
  2. Viking has a very good product and we enjoyed our cruise. Crystal has an outstanding product and the level of service is far above Viking. We were in suites on both and really found the coldness of the design of Viking as compared with the warm modern which on Crystal created a very special feeling. In the suites the special services provided by the butler were also missed. Food is very subjective but we enjoyed our meals on Crystal and quality the food was far higher. Manfredi’s on Viking was fun and the food and service excellent but we did not like the Chef’s Table and their set menus. The specialty restaurants on the Serenity were all high quality with excellent service and included higher level of wines compared with Viking. Given our choice we will always make it Crystal.
  3. Well put, quite dreadful and in no way special for what one pays for a suite.
  4. We are foodies who look for verity, quality and taste. We found none of these on QM2 queens grill where it was was boring and tasteless kind of ordinary steak house food. Try Oceania and Cristal for really good interesting food, Viking also much better. The Cunard lovers will disagree 😸Y
  5. There have been several long threads on this topic which you can find using the search function. Personally our TA has been able to get our final payment moved to six months ahead and if that’s the rule and we want to cruise on Viking we will pay up. Since many Viking cruises are sold out way way ahead of time it becomes your choice...
  6. Well said and we agree. We have no interest in guided bus tours nor do we drink more than the wine which we are provided in Oceania’s suites. We see nothing that would have us changing from O and our other current lines. It all depends what you would make use of to see if Regent would pay for you
  7. Nespresso coffee makers are in all the Crystal suites and in Viking, There is always room for a small Nespresso which can also be run pod less for tea. Nespresso advises to run without pod for cleaning with and without their wonderful cleaner. All this stuff about them being dangerous is nonsense. You will also find them in all top European hotels where they know their coffee, on land. No fires on land or sea.👍👍
  8. Where does Celebrity buy all those pre-wrinkled fabrics for the couches in both the Penthouses and the Royal Suites. They were ugly before the re- do and look worse now. Classless!!👎
  9. Small devices for tours were in our suite but we never used them as we do not take bus tours. Several people said that they functioned well but that not all guides had or used them.
  10. You certainly can but getting water “use below the boil” as required for a good cup in a press would not be available.😢
  11. On our two cruises on the Sea we had specials in Manfredi’s every one of the 12 or so times we dined there. The also were very good about making things we requested because of dietary limitations.
  12. You would think Celebrity would assign the best butlers to the PH and RS’s for what they charge. So glad we cancelled an RS in favor of Oceania where the top suites usually get the head or other best butlers.
  13. Yo are right there. Not the right cruise line for you and we tried it and it definitely to formal and stuffy for us. Beware!!
  14. We were on Viking b/b and never saw any ball room type dancing. Cunard is the line for you if that’s what you are looking for. We enjoyed the experience on Viking much more than the stuffiness and very mediocre food on Cunard but if the dancing is important to you it may be a good choice.
  15. We have never had a coffee maker in the suites on Oceania unfortunately. Always have wonderful Nespresso machines with all the coffee and fixings choices on Crystal and Viking, wonderful! It is something we miss on O because even when brought by the butler the coffee was never hot enough.
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