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  1. The Grand Harbour is soooo many steps above the others mentioned but it also is much more expensive. Well worth it from our experience.
  2. The joke with waitlists is that there are always several number ONEs on the so called list. Our friends were number one according to their TA and when we decided to join them using another TA we also were number one...
  3. In that case ,by all means, transfer your booking to a TA who will save you money. We have done this with all of our cruise bookings and love the savings over 25 or so years.
  4. VERY serious on my part. Please keep the news coming.👍
  5. As a Textile Engineer I would NOT wash the dress. Take a dryer sheet slightly moistened and put it with your dress in a dryer set on “fluff”, no more hairs or smells....
  6. About 10 years ago we left the full-service TA and found the one that gives us the biggest discount. We’re very happy with her because I do all the legwork tell her what I want and she takes care of it. When we return home we have a lovely surprise of a big check waiting for us. I found her on the website of the agency. If you were willing to do your own research it’s the way to go. If you want your handheld it is not the way to go.
  7. Please keep posting your observations as that is why people come to CC. 👍
  8. Loved the Explorer on the aft for 23 days. For us there is nothing like the wake view. We saw the front Explorer suites on one of our turnover days and would always prefer the rear. I know it’s a matter of opinion but you’ll like the ship whichever you choose.
  9. Fabrics used for tourist Batik are frequently very low grade cotton and are not soft because of the original quality prior to printing. The only suggestion would be to take the chance of putting it in very hot water in your washer and running it for two or three minutes on delicate. This would remove remaining traces of wax but chances are not soften the fabric very much.
  10. We have been in Florence in November and December, May and June and it is always crowded. It is a total waste of your time not to pre-book the museums as the lines are long and longer. Enjoy this wonderful city....
  11. It was a gentleman in a tux on one of our cruises who was asked by one of his fellow cruisers if he could get them a drink thinking he was part of the staff. Probably why you didn’t see anyone in a tux. So nice not to be worried about packing evening clothing...
  12. So easy to keep it simple and also good for you is a company called IT Cosmetics. They have everything you need and you can get good buys @ QVC. The descriptions are accurate.
  13. I wish we could share this information as it has saved us a bundle over 30 years of cruising.
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