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  1. There were no limits on any laundry or dry cleaning in Explorer Suites however I would be sure to ask your cabin attendant for the. Jr Suite amenities. They do a great job in the laundry room and return your garments as if they were brand new.
  2. However not one of the aforementioned lines are LUXURY..
  3. Many museums and other sights in London are free and your time there is very limited. You will be well off to get two day Hop On Hop Off passes.
  4. Train is about one hour faster and 1000 % more comfortable. In addition there is not much to see on that bus route.
  5. Good luck! As much as we liked Viking ships and crews their office services, or lack thereof, are the worst of any line we have ever dealt with. They don’t give a d..... as long as their ships still sale full. When the customer base starts to decline maybe their service will improve.
  6. Best airport hotel we have ever stayed at. Rooms are large super clean and very comfortable and the suites even better. We enjoyed the restaurant and it’s focus on some very good Swiss food. Try to get a rate with breakfast included.
  7. Don’t buy Viking insurance. InsureMy Trrip will show you many options which will pay fully in cash, can be cancelled and changed to another cruise or cruise line. Everything Viking suffers from their very intransigent business practices.😡
  8. Not so far... Funny the 10 or so years we’ve been in London during Wimbledon our hotel was always over booked Over and priced. Best restaurants were also totally booked in advance.🎾🎾
  9. thanks so much for the information. Just cancelled a b/b in one of those suites as we love our quiet time time any cruise we take.
  10. The answer is NEVER, fortunately.
  11. There are mainly differences in size and location which can easily be seen on the deck plans. We have been in them on the aft and are cruising in one in the front this fall. The furnishings and service are the same in all the Explorer suites. Hope you enjoy as much as we do.
  12. You are so right ! If someone is so offended by how others dress they need to stop looking so hard.
  13. You need to get an OS on the R ships to be equivalent to an Oceania Suite. there is really no comparison.
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