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  1. We too loved the bread and several salads. Our pasta and main dishes were always custom due to dietary needs. We were pretty friendly with the staff and chef by our last visit and can’t wait to return.
  2. Sir Samules by the window with a cup of the only decent coffee on the ship.
  3. Since you are coming from main-stream lines you may be disappointed in the offerings on Viking. We love the excellent food, service and congenial fellow cruisers. The ship tends to be very quiet, which we also love and one can always find places to read and sea watch. We were drawn from some of the luxury lines by the NO children, NO Casino and casual NO formal vibe. Not all lines are for all cruisers.
  4. Ditto! You get private transfers with tours on both ends in a comfortable car with your baggage stored. It will be a wonderful introduction to Athens.
  5. 0 They have always had a wonderful brunch on Sundays. Not sure who the current chef is but we have never had anything but great food there.
  6. The Langham is closed for renovations until Spring 2020. The Four Seasons is amazing in terms of srvice and food., not so much for prices.
  7. Sulfa drugs to which you probably have allergies are not Sulfur which is a naturally occurring element.
  8. It seems the NAILBED can be permantly damaged and cause the nails to never grow right again.
  9. We were told NO from Viking but had guests on Crystal. What a wonderful day it was!
  10. Cute bag. I have several, larger ones, all to heavy and leather too stiff. It never softens. very poor impulse purchases. There are so many finer leather bags out on the market for the price.
  11. Try a good TA to get you your best deal. We consider Crystal a step up from O and worth the price.
  12. Just saw my dermatologist who sees multiple permanent damages to nails from both gel and SNS and advises all of his patients NOT to use either. Better carry a small bottle of polish to freshen up your manicure than permanently damage your nails.
  13. You will starve time and money to do the falls on your own.
  14. Just be prepared that even a small load will take many hours. Wash in the evening and let dry overnight worked best for us. You are looking at 4-5 hours per load and much longer for jeans and towels.
  15. Viking is not a “ beaded cocktail dress” line. However If that’s what makes you comfortable no reason you can’t wear it. Most women on our 30 day cruise wore short casual dresses or black pants and sheer or more silky tops. You will be comfortable no matter what you wear that would also be proper in a fine dining restaurant anywhere.
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