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  1. orchestrapal

    Is it just the Celebrity Board?

    It is mainly Celebrity that becomes unusable, just wrote to the powers that be to please FIX it.
  2. orchestrapal

    Specialty Restaurant Availability

    If you go to the World Cafe port side there is a desk where you will be able to make your reservations. On our cruises there was no problem getting even additional reservations on board.
  3. orchestrapal

    Main dining room - final night of cruise

    Agree, last night dinner en-suite for us is a must. Relaxing after packing with great food, service and a great sea view.
  4. orchestrapal


    We would notice and report it. No reason for those to be anywhere where smoking is forbidden.....
  5. orchestrapal

    First Suite

    Good to hear. Just came off Viking Ocean,” NO children allowed,” what a pleasure!!
  6. orchestrapal

    Adjoining staterooms

    On the R ships you can hear every word from an adjoining small cabin to the Vista Suites.
  7. orchestrapal

    Royal suite complimentary bottles of alcohol

    Now that sounds like a GREAT idea, thanks.
  8. Excellent comparison! Thank you for taking the time to share it.
  9. orchestrapal

    Breakfast (uncooked oatmeal)

    My DH had no problem getting various nuts and seeds in the MDR. I would think raw oatmeal will also not be a problem.
  10. orchestrapal

    Counter / table space in DV cabin (flowers)

    We have never had trouble bring flowers on any ship we have been on, we did not bring any on Viking. We were very disappointed, uViking has NO flowers any where. They do have some patches of funny greens and a few dried branches. It seems from what we were told the owner does not want flowers that are not native to Norway. So be it! You better ask!
  11. orchestrapal

    Manfredi's or Chef's Table for birthday?

    Within the limits of what ingredients are in the kitchen they can do almost any specials with lots and lots of arugula too! They also have the most amazing bread basket....best specialty breads on the ship.
  12. orchestrapal

    Manfredi's or Chef's Table for birthday?

    Manfredi’s chef will coustom design a wonderful meal for you while CT is a set menu unles you cannot eat one dish for some reason.. Manfredi’s have some great corner tables near the window which are quite private. We actually had a few very special meals there.
  13. orchestrapal

    Arugula at the Pool Grill?

    My DH is also addicted and had it in all the dinning venues. He was never told NO.
  14. orchestrapal

    Has anyone had the beef tartare at Mamsen's?

    It was strange at Mamsons and very good in the MDR. Mamsons was unflavored raw meat wrapped around a piece of bread. It badly needed seasoning and no raw eg either. I eat tartare where ever it is on the Menu and would not eat it at Mamsons again. 👎
  15. orchestrapal

    Oceania Suites

    How about the bathrooms???👎😱