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  1. Crystal tops Viking in every area with exception to suites and bathrooms. Crystal’s lecture program, food and personal service can in no way compare. We were in an Explorers Suite and ate in the specialty restaurants every night for 28 days. The main dining room was so noisy we gave it up after one night but it was, however good for breakfasts when the tours took a majority of people off the ship.
  2. I’m sure you know the word SHADENFREUDE! No thank you!
  3. And it is truly OPTIONAL. We saw very few Tuxes and many men in sports jackets on Crystal. It was and hopefully will still be a wonderful experience.
  4. No way ever will we put on anything that smacks of formal.👎👎
  5. Funny recommendation as Rubens @ 5 star hotel where breakfast for two would almost eat up their £150/night budget.😿
  6. We have had the “pleasure” on Regatta in a Vista Suite. The neighbor insisted making daily phone calls every morning and evening but neglected to use the phone. We were able to hear every word from 15 feet away in the living room. Not pleasant! They left the ship after the first segment after which we had pretty quiet neighbors.👍 It’s a matter of luck.
  7. So you break the rules..why don’t you go and eat with your friends in the main dining room if it’s so important to you..
  8. Same item on Amazon bought in bulk for very little money. They are just short of disposable perfect to ditch on travel.
  9. From our experience our TA who has always given us a large rebate in the form of a check after the cruise. She did likewise on our Viking cruise. We only take OBC if given by cruise line like Oceania loves to do. We find OBC difficult to spend and much prefer our welcome home checks. There is no reason one should not shop and find TA’s who really want your business.
  10. Stayed at the Four Seasons Ritz and it was gorgeous, well located with the usual Ritz fantastic service. Located next to a beautiful park it is also very quiet.
  11. They only allow a very few on board.
  12. I believe you are referring to late late August 2022. Per several recent articles international travel will not totally resume until 2023-24. With Canada closed to ships for the near future even if it were safe to travel there will be no place to travel to.
  13. Lots of pictures if you Google the cabin type.
  14. Given the speed👎 of the vaccine distribution in the US I would doubt any cruise ships will sale out of NY before 2022. Personally I would not sit around worrying about any cruises before but then.
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