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  1. Thanks for all the helpful info! Anything not obvious about cabin selection that I should consider? Not prone to motion sickness but quiet at night is a priority.
  2. Never been to Alaska or on Holland America. Have cruised on Windstar and Azamara. Really want to do an Alaskan cruise in August 2021. Trying to decide between Holland America and Celebrity. Any advice? Also, probably booking a balcony cabin. Anything specific I should know? Thanks in advance! Can't wait to get back out into the world!
  3. How exactly will Oceania insure the crew is vaccinated? Vaccination rates in the Philippines and Indonesia where a large portion of the crews come from are abysmally low. Seems like Oceania would have to be to purchase it to give to their employees. Haven't heard about vaccine availability for purchase by private businesses anywhere. Surely that will happen, but in 2021????
  4. Great info, thank you! Spent some time reading over in the Windstar forum and it makes me seriously question whether we will be on this cruise if Windstar's policies are indicative of what is coming by Azamara and other cruise lines. Windstar has announced they are requiring vaccinations (👍), a COVID test within 72 hours of boarding (they appear to be rethinking that), a COVID test upon boarding, mask wearing required indoors and outdoors on ship, only Windstar excursions. That just sounds awful. I completely understand and support requiring vaccinations, but I am not comfortable with multiple COVID tests once already in foreign countries (what happens if one comes back with a false positive?), mask wearing I don't understand on the ship if everyone is vaccinated (especially outdoors) and just hate being required to only explore via group tours. Guessing there will be multiple revisions of what is allowed/required due to COVID and it will be interesting to see where things end up over the next few months. Kind of thinking we may be doing domestic travelling in 2021 and save our cruising until 2022......
  5. Thanks for the info, confirms what I suspected unfortunately. Think I'm going to wait a little longer to book my airfare and see if a later flight gets added or will plan on another night in Athens. Agree that flight sounds like more stress than I want at the end of a vacation. Hard to make plans when you're not 100% sure the cruise will happen or that you will go if does it happen. So many variables right now!
  6. Currently booked on the October 16th-27th cruise aboard the Pursuit to Greece and Turkey leaving and returning thru Athens. Just beginning to look at flights and plan to book myself. Will fly in a few days early before the cruise but was looking at flying out on our return day, the 27th. Supposedly we dock in Athens at 5:00 am on our return. Could we reasonably make an 11:00 am flight out of Athens? That's the latest flight that only has one stop on our way home. Otherwise we overnight in Athens and leave the next day which would be ok but I'd rather have my all of my extra nights in Athens on the front end if it works. TIA.
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