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  1. We paid $8 per ride. there were two of us. This price was given by someone form the port, the taxi drivers and the person from Yaya Beach.
  2. I posted a picture of one. I did ask but they said they were sold out. Happy to pay double the price to get one but theres just no supply!
  3. Hi all, We have been collecting Christmas tree ornaments of every ship we go on. We just came off the escape where they were all sold out. Does anyone know where I can get one? or if anyone is due to sail the Escape soon could they look to buy one for me and I can pay you back? Looks like this: Heres the Epic version in it's packaging:
  4. I went to Ya Ya last week. Was amazing and looked better than the other beach clubs near by. If you want a cheap option, you can do the $25 minimum spend option.
  5. Thanks for the reply! Think I'm going to try Yaya or Ibiza Sunset. They are both next to each other and seem nice.
  6. Hi Guys, Will be in Costa Maya next week and I'm looking for a decent beach club. I've looked at previous posts here and all sorts but I guess my indecisive mind had led me to make this post. I'm looking for a place that offers Snorkeling / Kayaks where the sea doesn't have so much sea grass or seaweed. My girlfriend will sunbath and relax all day whilst I have the need to be active. We don't need unlimited drinks and she doesn't drink much and i'm happy to buy by the bottle. What would people recommend? I might go for the option of not pre-booking somewhere and just walking down the Malecon until I see something that fits. Or is this not advised?
  7. If my sister and her husband get the free at sea deal and take the dining package + reduced rates for guests 3+4. How will this work for thier kids (ages 1 and 4) when they decide to eat at speciality restaurants? Is there a charge for kids and if so how much?
  8. If parents are purchasing a dining package, is there also a cost for children (ages 4 and 1) to join them? Asking for my sister as her, her husband and her kids will be joining us on our next cruise.
  9. Hi All, Me (29) and my girlfriend (27) did our first ever cruise this summer on the Oasis of the seas in the Med and absolutely loved it. We are looking at booking another cruise but this time as a larger family group on the NCL Escape in the Caribbean as the free at sea offer makes the cruise more than half the price of an RCL equivalent. This includes my parents who are in their 60's and my Sister (35) her husband (35) and their two daughters (1 and 4). Looking at photos of the pool and sundecks, and also the layout of the ship. is it really crowded compared to the OTS? Looking at beginning on Feb.
  10. Hi All, Sorry for the long post but here goes. Me (29) and my girlfriend (27) really enjoyed our Mediterranean cruise so much on the Oasis of the Seas with RCL, that we have convinced my family that we should all go on a cruise together in 2020. As my sister's eldest child wont start school until September and her youngest is still young enough to not need a flight ticket, we have decided that Feb/March time would be ideal for a Caribbean cruise. The weather also looks great around this time and we would probably look to sail out of Miami as this gives the best options for flights in terms of prices. This would also be my sister's and her husbands first ever cruise, and my parents last cruise was 20 years ago. The group (put into staterooms) will consist of Stateroom 1: Sister(35) Her Husband (35) And their two daughters (1 and 4) Stateroom 2: Dad + Mum in their 60's Stateroom 3: Me and my girlfriend Ideally, sailing with RCL again (favorite cruise line) on an Oasis class ship would be perfect but the pricing is just far too much in comparison to other deals on other cruise lines. For some reason, RCL charge full price for young children / infants where MSC do not and NCL have the free at sea offer for guests 3+4 on a discounted rate. I can see that RCL have a kids sail free offer on their US site but not on their UK site. The other options I have looked at are: MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside which for the stateroom 1 example above, comes in at £1,500ish. This includes gratuities but does not include any drinks / other packages NCL Escape free at sea offer for the stateroom 1 example above, comes in at £2,000 which includes gratuities, unlimited drinks package and Dining or WiFi package Looking for something similar with RCL comes in at £3,000+ without gratuities or drinks for stateroom 1. Do you have any other recommendations on: Any other cruise lines / deals to look at? How I should make a large booking like this? Will be dissapointed by MSC / NCL options?
  11. Hello, I've attached a screenshot outlining arrival and departing times for an NCL cruise. I'm confused as to what times you would actually leave and get back on the ship? As you can see it states: Disembarkation usually begins 2 hours after docking. Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing So you would only get 2 hours at some of these places?
  12. Hi All, First time cruiser going on the Oasis in September with my GF. I was looking at pictures of the main dining hall and it looks like most of the tables are round with 6 chairs. Are all the tables like this? And as a couple, would you get seated on a large table with others randomly? This question came to mind because I recently watched "Like Father" which is set on Harmony of the seas and the couples seemed to be grouped together this way also. Just wondering, not because I don't like interacting with strangers but I know my girlfriend would feel awkward 😄
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