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  1. Oh me too! Lol. I know we are really leaning toward Alaska next year. I have always wanted to go to Aruba... so I’m leaning toward this one
  2. I didn’t like Grand Turk either. .. but might try an excursion to see if it’s better. I heard half moon cay is beautiful.
  3. My kids are 22, 17 and 15. Plus my older daughters boyfriend comes. The Mayan Ruins would be cool. Like I said above our favorite port was Puerto Rico and St Thomas. We liked touring PR. St Thomas we went on a fun excursion(boat tour) and enjoyed that a lot. We have never snorkeled and aren’t really hiking type people. Our vacations before were usually Disney , Universal or all inclusives. It took awhile for me to get my kids out of the country because they were all nervous flyers. One of my dreams is to get on that Alaska one which maybe next year. Seeing those sights would be amazing. We like learning, boats and animals
  4. Are these through Carnival? I haven’t ventured outside of booking excursions through Carnival.😬 I would love to try other cruise lines but they are all way more expensive. We have six people.
  5. Went on the Breeze last year for Eastern Caribbean Itinerary. It was awesome! Loved the ship! Loved MarcQ! Loved the ports( well only two of them lol) but it didn't matter because loved the experience. This year we are going back and I cannot figure out which itinerary. We wanted to try Southern or Western( although kids nervous about Mexico). So we did not like Grand Turk at all. We didn't like the beach( way to crowded and pushy people selling chairs). We also were not huge fans of Dominican and Amber Cove. We loved Puerto Rico and St Thomas! We only did one excursion in St Thomas. So now we think we would do more and that might make us like the ports better. So deciding between: 1)Southern on Magic Goes to Half Moon Cay( never been), Grand Turk( I know I just said I didn't like it but this time I will do an excursion), Aruba( always wanted to go) and Bonaire( know nothing) What excursions would you recommend for GT, Aruba and Bonaire. Or is there a beach at Aruba and Bonaire? 2)Western on the Vista Goes to Montego Bay( been to an all inclusive there), Grand Cayman and Cozumel Never been to Cayman Islands or Cozumel Excursions? 3)Western on the wonderful Breeze Goes to Cozumel, Mahgony Bay, Belize and Costa Maya Excursions? So we have never snorkeled and don't know how to. I am sure we could learn. We also are not adrenaline junkies or like things like that. I found a couple in Aruba that looked fun like the Kukoo Konuku air bus or Jewels of San Nicolas and baby beaach? Grand Turk the Glass bottom beach and boat or Junkanoo tour looked fun. Other than that I wasn't see a lot besides scuba and snorkel. Thank you in adavance!!
  6. It was crazy... hard to get an elevator lol
  7. We did get there before our appointment window and we did get on a bit early. It took us a bit to get through the lines to get to our boarding area but once there, we didn’t sit there for long. My husband just reminded me we had time to look around the ship. We toured the ship, had lunch and drink. Then we got to our rooms by 1:15 and it was ready for us. Perfect timing because we were able to unpack and then find a good spot for the sail away party. It got super crowded so we were glad to have been able to get lunch before they all came in
  8. Oh and I forgot to add... amber cove and grand Turk were ok. We ran into the same issue where they told us to wait and only excursions were allowed off but of course no one listened. The day before they had some issues with crowding. So they tried to just let excursion people off in grand Turk. By the time we got off ... most of the chairs even the paid ones were taken. Only ones left the locals wanted $75 which um ya no. Lol Loved St Thomas and Puerto Rico.
  9. We flew out two days before. It was cheaper flight wise to do this. We stayed at home2suites by the airport the first night which was very very clean. Then we went back the next day for our car rental and went to Kennedy Space Center and then stayed in Homewood Suites. My appointment check in time was 11:30 and we were A4. We actually got on earlier than 11:45 because that was when we were sitting with drink in hand lol. Marc was great. He was so funny and had so much energy. I would go on any cruise with him
  10. Yes I heard people were sitting in the stairwells. One guy was very angry and security was talking to him. It just seems they could make it much simpler. People just don’t care about the rules and do what they want which is annoying to rule followers. These were the same people who cut int line at every poet and excursion we went on. I was proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut lol It was so wonderful! I can’t wait to go again! Wasn’t nuts about Amber Cove and Grand Turk but St Thomas and Puerto Rico were phenomenal . My next cruise will definitely be a southern one!
  11. Next time I probably will wait. Although we got out pretty quick since we got lucky with an elevator. My flight isn’t until 3 so we got to the airport fairly early. We just had breakfast and will be able to check our bags soon. I hate hanging around the airport because it gives me anxiety . I think next time I would be more comfortable with an earlier flight or making it even later and renting a car
  12. I just got off the Breeze and wanted to thank everyone for answering my numerous questions. I was very prepared for my trip! It was a little confusing at first as to where to give the porters our luggage but the check in process was easy and quick. We were on the ship by 11:45am . The cruise itself was awesome. We got to our room and it had two us plugs and one European. I used my adapter and USB port there. We had two extension cords. One was for the cpap and the other we had it go under the bed so I could use it for my fan. After the first day when the stewards cleaned our room the duck taped it to the desk and floor so no one would trip! The one thing I will say is how uncomfortable the beds were. The couch bed was a rock. I should have asked for the egg crates (I believe i read that they were available). So now my hips are sore and so is everyone’s backs. That was one of my only complaints. Luckily we drank enough not to care lol. I care more today because it’s over lol. MarcQ was awesome. We started attending all the parties and trivia’s because they were that fun! Loved Red frog pub. That is where we always went to grab our drink and sit outside to watch us leave the ports. I know now people were complaining about the channels but we were fine because they had discovery and it was shark week lolol The food was good. Guys burgers have crack in them because i had one everyday. John Wick was our midnight movie which I was excited for. The only thing was the bars closed down so that kind of stunk. I didn’t feel like going to casino bar. Speaking of casino. ...the smoke was awful so we stayed away. I loved my my server and all the “showtimes”. I did it know about that, so that was super fun. All all the suggestions you all have were very helpful. I brought towel clips and used them for the shower curtain. I also brought battery operated votives which was so helpful . We put one in the flier near the bathroom and one in the bathroom so we could find it. My daughter brought her shoe organizer which she used but I was fine without one. There was enough shelving in the bathroom for all my stuff. I used the hook magnets for my lanyard which I would say 90% of the people onboard used including the guys. It was also great to hang up damp bathing suits. The wifi was slow but the social media apps ran well in the value plan. It ran pretty well at night. Disembarkation was ok. I don’t understand why they do it the way they do. They should call a floor, put an attendant in the elevators and only go to the floors that are allowed to go. We wee on 11 and the elevator stopped at every floor and was full so we could never get on. I’m sure people on other floors were getting off when they weren’t supposed to which was annoying. We finally got lucky and got one with an attendant that went from 3-11 and back. This is the way they should do it. After we got off, everything was smooth sailing and organized. Thank you for all your help!!! If anyone has questions especially a newbie.. feel free to ask me!!!
  13. We were just there this week and was approached by him. He asked if we spoke English . Then he made a joke about only speaking Wisconsin. He told us that his brother was in the bad part of Puerto Rico and got beat up and mugged. He was taken to the hospital. My husband said “sorry to hear , good luck with that” and walked off. All we heard him say is “jeez”. Lol
  14. Well I just disembarked lol . Thank you for all your advice!! We chose to self assist. We got in early so they were allowing people off early. We did go when our floor was called . I see see why the elevators are annoying. I don’t understand why they don’t shut them off to other floors and have an attendant go up to the floors being let go. Would make for a much smoother process. Luckily we did end up getting an elevator with a staff member and went from 11 (our deck) to 3. It’s annoying because I’m a rule follower and it was obvious a lot aren’t. Elevators were always full bu the time it got to 11. But we we got lucky. The rest of the process was very organized and quick. We went right through the lines and had no problems with the escalators. I will be at the airport by 9:30 am.
  15. That does not sound like fun. Hmmm. Well I needed up booking go port. They say they run 7-10am i believe my cruise gets in at 8 am. If I leave my bags the night before? Will that be enough time?
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