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  1. We are leaving from Manhattan. If anyone has scanned there, let me know. I agree, no sense in wasting the paper and the printer ink if we don't have to.
  2. Do we have to print our boarding passes, or can they scan them from our phones like they do at airports? Thanks!
  3. We have FTTF for NYC on Tuesday. What is your estimation on the time we can get there and board? We have young kids, and I'd like to get on as soon as we are able, but I also don't want to get there too early and have to wait for the Platinums and Diamonds. Thanks to anyone who can offer some insight.
  4. Anyone know what the movies are slated to be in July? Thanks!
  5. Anyone have the bar menu for Serenity Area with prices? I feel like I've seen it, but I can't find it online. TIA!
  6. Well, Grandma is the reason we are going...so, unfortunately, not an option! Ha!
  7. Thanks for your thoughts and advice. I did talk to the pediatrician. They said children's dramamine, so I'll take some just in case. Was hoping people had had great success with sea bands, etc, so I wouldn't have to give her any meds. I'll get some to try first before the dramamine should we need it. In the car, she has only gotten sick once and nauseous a couple times, so it isn't a huge problem for her, but I want to be ready just in case. Thank you all again. And thanks to whomever deleted the nasty comment! 😊
  8. We are heading on a cruise in a couple weeks. Our 7-year-old daughter gets carsick, and I'm worried she could experience similar issues on the ship. I'm finding various options--bands, patches, meds--and wondering what seasoned cruisers have found worked best for their kids. I don't want to give her something that will make her tired, as I want her to enjoy the trip. Any help appreciated!
  9. We are booked for the July 2 cruise out of NYC on Sunrise. Our daughters--ages 4 and 7--have no idea, and we plan to surprise them with clue gifts during our drive to Manhattan from Virginia. I plan to start with some books about the Statue of Liberty, but then every hour or so as we drive give them something that will give them clues about the cruise. So far, I have goggles for each of them and shark lollipops. What other ideas do you all have? Sunscreen, etc, is rather boring, so I'm looking for ideas from seasoned cruisers. And, I don't post much, but I've gotten SO much good information on this board. Thank you all!
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