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  1. When do they start calling you to leave usually if you check your luggage? Wasn't it 9ish? Thanks everyone
  2. I actually want off early, but won't be able to carry our luggage off with our kids too. I am trying to avoid staying pn deck 1, but getting kicked out of our room before we can leave the ship and be forced to go up 10 floors to wait the last hour or so... the faster to the fun thing is sold our for our cruise.
  3. Trying to decide which deck to get, and don't want to have to leave the stateroom and go up to waiting areas if we don't have to. I can't remember how long they let us stay in the room on the past cruises! Thanks 🙂
  4. Last cruise Carnival had gorgeous lanyards over with the photos, and I regretted not getting one. There are NONE listed on the funshop website to preorder... or am I blind? I want to buy one from carnival, not just a generic one. Do ALL the boats always have those to purchase or should I not risk it and purchase a new cheap one? I know it sounds stupid lol.
  5. It's not a joke, i was asking a question... I saw a door that said vending didn't know what it was on another boat... and I've saw other users post about a drink vending machine on some boat. And a fridge was important having a small child with milk, we had to get ice buckets every night on the boat without them.
  6. We've cruised Liberty and it had a fridge, and Fantasy and it did not. Does the Breeze? Also... I swear I saw a door once that said snacks. Is there a vending machine for drinks or snacks anywhere on Breeze?
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