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  1. Thanks! little man kicks butt with the shower so this pretty much the only thing we aren't worried about 🙂 I knew about the swim diapers, I know there's suppose to be 2 water areas they are allowed. We've had such conflicting info on what areas but guess this is something we will have to know when we get there. Also there's a babies and tots compass?!?!!? that's perfect! Is it available to grab on the day we board? is the nursery the same location as adventure ocean? thank you!!!!!
  2. I'm traveling with a 9 month old on the Freedom the end of this month. 1) do kids get their own ship card. 2) if they don't, how would a non parent (aka not someone who will be in the same room kiddo is staying but someone who does have a notarized care letter to take on and off the boat) be able to get the kid on and off the boat without a ship card or in the kiddo's room? Can we request an extra room card for this purpose? 3) anyone know what time the kids pool or splash zone open? 4) we've read a few places that the adventure ocean offers a special time once per day (or a few times a week?) for kids 0-3 to basically come and play with their adult in tow, does anyone have any details? where? when? 5) has anyone asked for a crib to be provided? we have it in the requests. but wondering what they end up looking like if they are decent or if we should just bring our travel crib. 6) trying to figure out the best way to make bottles, room temp or warm just can't be cold. If the tap water is safe (assuming it is) that's just fine just not sure the best route for this, would prefer not to lug a weeks worth of bottled water on board. Any other information would be super helpful! thank you!
  3. Traveling with a 9 month old. Will he get his own ship card? I'm his nanny and we are trying to figure out if mom and dad have their ship cards off the ship how do we get into their room for naps if he doesn't have a ship card himself... also has anyone gotten a crib on board? It's already requested for the rooms but trying to decide if it's just wroth bringing our travel crib! thanks!
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