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  1. Thanks for the reply, that's great help. Has anyone actually put this into practice on one of the MSC ships?
  2. We have the old All Inclusive Drinks Package, which I understand is Code431. Looking at the table showing the breakdown of what specific drinks are included, the only wine option listed as included is "Wines with the price over €10". Has anyone in the same situation (431 Code package) had any practical experience of what wine they can choose? It seems logical that it's a printing error, because why would they include wines over €10 but not wines below €10? But would appreciate feedback from someone who's experienced how it works. Also, there's no sparkling wines included according that list. Again is this correct? Or can anyone confirm differently? The list to which I refer:
  3. Does anyone know if there is any complimentary baggage storage facility at the Barcelona cruise terminal for post-cruise? We'll need to disembark from the ship by 10am, but only be at the airport for 5pm, so wanted to spend a few hours in Barcelona. Obviously don't want to be dragging luggage around with us. Have heard that some ports (cruiselines?) have complimentary facilities but can't find any details of the same in Barcelona.
  4. Hi all. Has anyone either done a DIY trip from Genoa to Portofino, or planned one? Don't fancy paying the MSC price (expensive for a family of 4) and wondered if there's a better/more cost-effective way to do this. Thanks in advance.
  5. This was posted in another thread: It's the bottled beer I was after, as I like to pick and choose from a variety (and saw Erdinger in a pic of the Master of the Seas pub!!). But you're right, it's not worth the upgrade cost just for that (and we lose free gelato - assuming MSC honour this). An exclusive diet of Heineken it is for a week, then.🤔
  6. So "Birthday suit and a broad smile" isn't an option?
  7. As we booked last August, we have the 'All Inclusive Restaurant & Bar' (Europe cruise) Does anyone know how much it would be to upgrade to the Premium package? Or even if this is possible?
  8. Cheers for the feedback re: m&g
  9. Can I just ask what the 'm&g' is?
  10. OK. There's another assumption out of the window
  11. Thank you for clarifying. Is it therefore not possible to book into a different MDR if you fancied a change?
  12. Hi. Looking at that in relation to dinner, have I misunderstood, or is Aurea myChoice Dining only available in the Lighthouse Restaurant?
  13. Thank you, HeatherB - excellent service
  14. That's a great comparison in that thread for the card codes. Thanks to everyone who has replied & helped - much appreciated. I think I've got my head round it (think we'll be on 431) even if it's not the package I'd hoped for!
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