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  1. Never done this before, but thinking of a B2B (and possibly a B2B2B) for 2023. But just wondering, generally, are you able to stay on the ship when others are disembarking? I know it probably depends on availability when booking, but are you able to keep the same room and NOT have to pack and sheep all your stuff during the turnover day? Any other advice anyone can offer? Thanks!
  2. I wonder if, now that Azamara is being sold, is there any plan to integrate Silversea more fully into the RCCL Captains Club Loyalty program? I had wanted to try Azamara, but doesn’t look like I’ll be doing that now.....
  3. By chance, does anyone have her email address? The wife and I are Elite CC members, fans of Celebrity, but are STILL waiting on over $4K airfare refund on a cancelled March cruise. I’ve tried to be patient, but repeatedly hearing “it’s in process, but will take 30 more days”. Delta airlines refunded the fares back to Celebrity within 7 days. WHY is it taking so long?
  4. Are you trying to call Celebrity Air? Or Celebrity themselves? I’ve talked to the Air people and say its out of their hands that I have to talk to Celebrity themselves, and when I call Celebrity, like I did today, I was on hold for 90 minutes before I had to hang up due to another commitment. Frustrating. I haven’t even gotten the FCC yet.
  5. Our Australia cruise was cancelled on March 9, including air arrangements by Celebrity with a cost over $4k. I have talked to Delta Airlines, and they assured me that they refunded the fares to Celebrity within a week of cancellations. All I’ve been able to get from Celebrity Air is that the refunds to me are “In Process”. Going on 3 months now! Anybody else having these kind of delays on air refunds?
  6. This may be a silly question , but..... I know Silversea is at least partially owned by RCCL. Is there any interchangeability of any Loyalty programs with the other RCCL brands, RCCL, Celebrity, Azamara? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hard to check with TA right now. Costco Travel isnt even answering the phone!
  8. I’m curious. We cancelled our cruise, the same as the one mentioned here, a few days ago for the same reason, the virus. We were told we’d receive a 100% future credit. Since they are now giving 125%, will we get that?
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