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  1. If you don’t have the excursion credit, your credit card is charged when you book, but you have up to 48 hours before that port to cancel or change to a different excursion. We have five excursions booked for our February 2020 Panama cruise. Once those were confirmed, all the other excursions that would overlap the times of what we already booked disappeared from our queue the NCL app. So, I periodically check the shore excursions tab on the general website, without logging in to my account, to see if anything new has been added for those ports that we might enjoy more.
  2. Can anyone confirm if the $39 cost for the Teppanyaki specialty restaurant does indeed include the 20% gratuity? Below is a screenshot from the NCL app.
  3. This will be our first cruise with NCL, so no personal experience yet, but I did question my travel agent about it since we needed to make hotel reservations. She told me that, while it's possible they would fly us into FLL rather than Miami, there are many more flight options into Miami, so she thought it would most likely be Miami. Our cruise isn't until Feb. 2020, so we probably won't get our flight assignments until early December. Right now, when I look at my vacation summary online, it does show us flying thru Chicago into Miami using the reduced airfare perk.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'm not surprised that their website would be out of date. Not a big deal. I have no intention to pay extra for the Vibe club. I just didn't want to waste my time going up there just to be turned away.
  5. This is the deck plan shown on the NCL website. So, you're saying it is not correct?
  6. Looking at the deck plan for Deck 19 on Joy and it shows a public sun deck and hot tub on the opposite side of the ship from Vibe Beach Club. Can anyone confirm please? Is there also a bar in that area?
  7. I also have the message on both the app and myncl. On the app it says the message is dated March 22, but it just showed up this morning. Another computer glitch I guess.
  8. We are on the Joy for a Panama cruise in February 2020. It is only a partial transit. This is how I understand it will happen. The ship will enter the canal very early. After going thru the lock, the ship will anchor near a marina. Anyone taking a tour will be tendered to the marina. The ship will cruise around Gatun Lake and eventually go back out the same lock it came in thru. Then it will port at Colon where all those that took tours will meet back up with the ship.
  9. We're hoping to be watching the Packers in the Super Bowl when our cruise sets sail out of Miami on Super Bowl Sunday. Although I'm not pleased with what it's costing us for a one night hotel stay the night before. We were lucky to get something under $300. And very glad to be taking advantage of the reduced airfare out of Green Bay. $99 !! Can't beat it. I think I need to get a new Packer shirt for the occasion.
  10. I do realize that I could probably save some by booking similar tours outside of NCL but I think I like the idea of keeping all my expenses in one basket.
  11. Thanks for the tip. I’ll just call NCL directly. This is our first NCL cruise so we aren’t eligible for any credits.
  12. I booked thru a travel agent. I’ll contact her to check into it. Thx.
  13. Excursions for our February 2020 Panama Canal cruise have been showing up on the app over the last couple weeks. They show up on the app in spurts. 74 posted as of today. Son on of a Son, how did you pre-book your excursions and pay for them on board? When I add something to my cart online I have to put my credit card in right away.
  14. My husband and I quite often split an entree when eating out. Is that allowed in the specialty restaurants, say like Cagney's. With the increased prices, this seems even more feasible since neither of us would eat a 16 oz steak and obviously we won't be taking a doggy bag home.
  15. If we are doing Old Town on our own, can I purchase tickets for San Felipe Fortress on the ship or will I need to do that when I get there? If I need to get them there, can I use US dollars or do I need to do a currency exchange? Website says the tickets are $25,000 which equates to about $8 US.
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