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  1. I do realize that I could probably save some by booking similar tours outside of NCL but I think I like the idea of keeping all my expenses in one basket.
  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll just call NCL directly. This is our first NCL cruise so we aren’t eligible for any credits.
  3. I booked thru a travel agent. I’ll contact her to check into it. Thx.
  4. Excursions for our February 2020 Panama Canal cruise have been showing up on the app over the last couple weeks. They show up on the app in spurts. 74 posted as of today. Son on of a Son, how did you pre-book your excursions and pay for them on board? When I add something to my cart online I have to put my credit card in right away.
  5. My husband and I quite often split an entree when eating out. Is that allowed in the specialty restaurants, say like Cagney's. With the increased prices, this seems even more feasible since neither of us would eat a 16 oz steak and obviously we won't be taking a doggy bag home.
  6. If we are doing Old Town on our own, can I purchase tickets for San Felipe Fortress on the ship or will I need to do that when I get there? If I need to get them there, can I use US dollars or do I need to do a currency exchange? Website says the tickets are $25,000 which equates to about $8 US.
  7. NCL just posted a Cartagena excursion that is just a catamaran transfer to Old Town. Then you can wander around town and take the catamaran back or a bus. Seems like a pretty easy way to get over their to explore on our own. Looks like the walk from the catamaran pier to San Felipe Fortress is about a mile, which is very doable for us. The transfer is at 8:30 so we'd have 3-4 hours before we need to be back on the ship for a 2:00 departure. Will that give us enough time? I could probably find it cheaper than the $29pp they are charging, but sometimes you just pay for convenience. Thoughts?
  8. If I take advantage of the $20 a bag laundry deal, is everything I put in my bag washed together? Will they wash my good white top with my husband's dark shorts?
  9. PackerCruising - We have never done Panama before. It's our splurging for our 40th wedding anniversary trip. I agree that airfare out of Green Bay for $99 ($124 with the upcharge to fly out a day early) is a no brainer. Down side - we are paying $300 for a normally $100 hotel for one night because of the Super Bowl and we were lucky to find that. Did not even realize the game was in Miami when we booked. It would be quite awesome to be watching the Packers play on board. We watched the Packers beat the Steelers at an all-inclusive in Riviera Maya. Best Super Bowl Ever !! I'd love a repeat of that experience. Too bad we're not on the same cruise. Traveling with other Packer fans would be great fun. Although, I have no doubt we'll find some other Packer Fans. You can find them anywhere you go.
  10. Packercruising, Which cruise are you on out of Miami? We are also from Green Bay, doing the Panama Canal out of Miami on Feb. 2 - Super Bowl Sunday.
  11. That's all awesome news. We were at an all-inclusive in Riviera Maya for the Packers / Steelers Super Bowl and it was the most fun I've ever had.
  12. That's great. Thanks for the confirmation. I would have been surprised if it wasn't being shown. GO PACK GO !!!
  13. We sail on the Joy out of Miami next February on Super Bowl Sunday. Did not realize that until after we booked. Please tell me there will be someplace on the ship that we can watch the game.
  14. In One of the videos of the Joy posted recently on YouTube they said if your balcony room accommodates 3 people the bed is near the closet. If it accommodates 4 people the bed is near the balcony.
  15. Does everything I put in my bag get washed together? Will my nice white top get washed with the husband's dark shorts?
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