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  1. Just read a post from someone that was able to reuse their WOW bands this week and if you already have them, they'll tell you to go by the muster stations printed on your Seapass and NOT the WOW bands.
  2. It worked completely fine on Allure... so are you saying it was limited after you've been connected to Symphony or using it now while on land?
  3. The joys of cruising but when you have a problem they really make it difficult to recoup....sheesh! We had $1129 but it was spread out between me, wife, and 2 of the 4 kids) So the only way to really benefit was for us to all sail again. I understand every scenario will vary but there has to be some type of loophole because I'd be highly upset if given FCC for a cruise I didn't have a choice of taking (for example a charter), only to find out one that if one of us couldn't go and I'd lose out if not booked/sailed before expiration. I'm sure it's happened before and will happen again but that doesn't sit well with me knowing it's a possibility. I guess travel insurance would take care of that
  4. It was a 3 day credit issued because of Hurricane Dorian so that might be the answer. It was done through my TA but I don't think he had to argue or convince them; he never conveyed any concerns to me. I wish I had a concrete answer for you. I can see why you were frustrated as I would have been if that happened to us. Luckily I'm taking all the kids again because I was curious as to what would have happened if one of the 4 of us (that received FCC) didn't go....would I have lost out because the FCC was issued in their names? I've usually just booked and take advantage of any KSF promotions afterwards; so I haven't had to discover how it would work with a deposit on their fares. The only thing I can see them wanting would be the ports fees and taxes; where else could the extra money go towards on their fares?
  5. I was thinking this was the case......thanks Ken!
  6. Thanks for replying. In my case I used NextCruise so stateroom deposits were already done and the KSF was applied afterwards. I had no problems as you indicated with KSF and the FCC did come from a previous booking where the KSF was used for 2 kids as well.
  7. Yeah that's what I was afraid of...the inconsistency. I've already booked mine and we're set to travel next Labor Day but there were others from that sailing trying to find cruises, thinking that they need to hurry and find something sailing before Sept 2020. I just didn't want to put out the wrong information
  8. Just for clarity and to be sure policies haven't changed since this thread started....if I was issued FCC for Dorian, that means I just need to have something booked by whatever expiration date of the FCC in September, but I can use it for a sailing in 2021?
  9. Definitely digital on Allure and the photo guy said soon they're going to stop printing them unless requested to do so
  10. So in an instance such as that, some of the ones hosting wouldn't get to view all the cabins right?
  11. Timing is the hardest part of organizing a crawl. Directly after the M&M is easiest but the ships seem to be throwing the Top Tier parties right after.
  12. Yeah, they accidentally charged you....the only reason I know those prices is because it wasn't showing our Refreshment packages on our Seapass so I figured I'd clear it up at Guest Services on Day 2
  13. I remember soda was $4.13 after gratuity and water $2.36 after gratuity. I don't remember the exact coffee prices but it was around $5.31 after gratuity. Try this drink calculator https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3#/
  14. I'm reviving an old thread instead of creating a new one. I completely understand no swim diapers allowed in the pools Since this thread was created a couple of years ago, I'm not sure if the policy applies to the splash areas onboard Oasis class ships? I believe I read that swim diapers are allowed at Coco Kay At some land-based splash parks, they are allowed so just want to confirm whether that is the case on board a ship?
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