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  1. Getting back to that question about the Veuve Clicquot... were you able to enjoy that by the glass at Le Bistro, at least? I was introduced to it by a former boss. It was her fave, so it quickly became my fave (besides tequila - I don't drink beer or wine). I took a pic of the enormous bottle outside Le Bistro for her a few years ago & she totally wanted to drink the whole thing!
  2. Am I the only one that wants to see pictures of a Caribbean Dinosaur? Pretty Please?? Ms. Mary - I used to sell for Creative Memories, a scrapbook company. When I say sell, I really mean buy to keep my status as a seller until I gave up. I therefore have a ton of supplies & would be happy to send you some. Please message me if you're interested. In fact, if anyone here is interested, please let me know. I am not interested in selling... I would like to give stuff away.
  3. I am far from perfect myself & my husband says "I love you" the same way yours did! You like soup the same way my grandfather did! HOT! If it wasn't hot, he'd send it back asking "you call this soup?" Servers & my mother (yes, his daughter) all had photos of him in their kitchen with "do not serve" written above. Your writing style is unmatched. You are funny and serious at the same time. You have us on the ship with you one moment & in your tiny town's post office the next. It's wonderful! How can we get you published???
  4. This. Your reviews (BirdTravels) are spot on & I love your comments. I am also sailing on the Bliss next month... When is your spring break?
  5. This. Getting off the ship last time was terrible. We weaved through the Manhattan room & it took 2 hours. But once in the terminal, we were at our car within minutes.
  6. We only cruise once a year (or once every 2) and I think you were on our last cruise - April 7-14 on the Escape, but never got to meet up. We'll be on the March 22nd on the Bliss with you, too.
  7. Thank you so much for your thorough review! I was on the sailing after you & experienced delays getting ON the ship and delays getting OFF the ship once we were back in NYC. I have to say both were the SLOWEST I've ever experienced. When they called our color, I thought the line looked short to get off the ship. Boy was I wrong. From where I entered the line to "just down the hall" took an hour because we were serpentined (think a Disney World que) through the Manhattan Dining Room. However, the best thing we did was get a porter once we entered customs/where our luggage was. He took us through a short-cut to customs. He then brought our luggage upstairs to where we parked and helped us load into the car. Best $20 we spent!
  8. Wow. Your posts are amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this in such detail. We will be like ships passing in the night, but during the day. I am sailing on Sunday the 14th. If you would be so kind, I have a question about lobster. Previously, I had seen pictures of MDR menus that had lobster for a upcharge. Are they still doing this or is lobster only at Ocean Blue? Thanks again!
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