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  1. Thank you very much for all the answers! It's not that I've fears in using credit card, it's actually the matter of not having one of my own 😔 ... The cruise trip was a gift for graduating this year, I don't really have money of my own, so I don't want to/can't really spend anything more on board... Will be taking debit card with money basically to emergencies and things I really need (so I also really didn't want to have that money bloqued to cruise use)... What would you recomend? Maybe if that's really possible I rather not associate any kind of card/money and "take the risk" of having to wait in line at the end... This might be too much to ask but have any ideia if Revolut cards work as credit cards on board?
  2. Hi! I'm boarding MSC Meraviglia soon. I'm a first time cruiser so I have a lot of doubts about the overall cruise world. I've read you are expected to associate your credit card to the cruise card once on board. I've got a drinks package and I've pre-paid gratuities. I really don't want to buy anything else on board, do I still have to associate a credit card to my onboard account // do I still have to leave a cash deposit? Am I obligated to do so? Not really sure how this works... Thanks in advance, I've learner A LOT with cruise critic, thank you so much you all!
  3. Good to know! Thank you so much! I actually have an excursion booked with cavetubbing.bz so I believe I have to get to Belize as early as possible... So I better line up before distribution starts as you said!! Thank you so much for all the information, had no ideia!!
  4. Sorry if it is a silly question (first time cruiser), but without a ship excursion, how do you get on land in Belize then? Do I need some kind of ticket? Does it cost extra?
  5. Thank you very much, that is really good to know for future cruises!
  6. Thought about that, ours was higher, it is not worthwhile 😞 But thank you very much for the hint 😄
  7. Portugal, but it's probably the same policy... Thank you very much. It was a long shot but had to ask! 😄
  8. Hi! I know this question has already been posted here but I didn't quite understood what I could do. I've booked the MSC Meraviglia leaving from Miami december 8th 2019. I've booked in March (in Europe, I've understood that might be important), but now I've noticed a price drop... Is it possible to to make my price drop or at least get some kind of upgrade/onboard credit? I'm new to cruising, have no ideia how it works, sorry if it is a stupid question. Thank you very much
  9. Hi! Does anyone know how this works on MSC? I'm going on meraviglia in december and I've just realized a price drop on my inside cabin...
  10. Totally agree, got excited with the animals at first, now seeing that "free" animals on their habitat don't exist in roatan, I'm not that interested...
  11. Thank you so much for your replies! I understand the animals are a way of living for the locals, just not shure I want to be a part of it and get sad for the rest of the trip... There is so many things to do in Roatan, maybe opting for something else. Thank you very much!
  12. Hi! I'm cruising to Roatan in December and I really would like to see Roatan's wildlife, monkeys, sloth, birds... I've seen a lot of options, however, I'm really worried about the animal's well-being ... I really don't want to see just caged animals and leashed monkeys who are there only to make tourist happy... Do you know about some REAL sanctuary, some natural reserve or something like that were I could find the animals in safe and good conditions? Thank you very much
  13. Thank you so much for your reply! Do you have any experience with cavetubing.bz? They have great prices (so much better that make us wonder if it is any good). Wich excursion company do you recomend to visit Altun Ha?
  14. Hi! Me and 5 friends are going on MSC Meraviglia in December and we are stoping at Belize. We are quite on a budget, we want to save as much money as possible, but we also whant to enjoy belize and not just stay on the boat... What's the best and cheapest thing to do in Belize? I've read about caye caulker ferry bus and about King David tours.. Do you have other recomendations? Thank you very much
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