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  1. I guess we had different experiences...for me Amex was like family. While I agree many lost their jobs, the company tended to release the older workers in favor of the newer less expensive, it was not who did a better job.
  2. Wow, your experience was very different than mine. I am retired with health insurance and my Amex Pension. I was well compensated to work there!
  3. Me too! Thirty Eight years in Plantation in the Credit Department.
  4. I met Chris on the 2/23 sailing of Oasis, at that time he anticipated going home in a few weeks, so it appears he is going home in the first group since his contract has ended.
  5. No, only Star Class can get Specialty restaurant delivery.
  6. I will definitely be there! It remains to be seen if I am sailing solo or with a friend 😀 I understand the worry (and I do travel with Clorox wipes) but I take reasonable precautions and so far so good... never got sick on a cruise yet.
  7. Don't worry...I believe we are safer on the ship than at the local mall.
  8. I have the same issue. Sailing on Oasis on Sunday and the friend I am supposed to travel with is afraid to go. I have tried to make all the arguments mentioned in this thread but she won't budge... so I am sailing alone since she is going to be a no show and I will get triple points instead of double. Funny thing is she does not know her son has booked a surprise Alaska cruise for her with his family in May!
  9. My husband was a very large man, he had no issues with seats in the theater and the dining room waiters knew after the first night he would need a chair without arms and there was always one waiting for him and the waiter would discretely make the switch for him. Don't worry all will be taken care of.
  10. I was on Navigator in November, yes lunch was included. I ate at Jaime's with the UDP. Enjoy the cruise!
  11. Your itinerary looks awesome! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures you will be posting.
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