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  1. Notamermaid, Thank you for all the info and tips over the past 6 months. Out cruise from A to B was scheduled for October 5, 2019 and we were anxiously anticipating it when my husband had a heart attack. Unfortunately, we had to cancel cruise but again I thank you and all the others. Pat
  2. Sad news! We were supposed to leave for our cruise on the Rhine, this Friday for a Oct. 5 cruise. Unfortunately my husband had a heart attack a few weeks ago and we cannot go. We had all our excursions booked and were so looking forward to it. Saturday will be a sad day, but thankfully he is doing fine. Thank you all for your help and tips. Pat
  3. Thank you. I was just curious. Been on boats my whole life. My husband actually built race boats. Hustlers. We are so looking forward to this trip.
  4. Hi There. Are you going on a river cruise also?
  5. Is the Rhine generally calm? Does it get very rough during storms? Just curious. I lived on a beach on Long Island Sound so I am aware how water can get.
  6. Thank you so much for your input. As first time river cruisers we basically know nothing about what to expect on the ship and weather and water conditions and tipping and so forth. We've always toured Europe by train and car. So, we welcome any info from seasoned river cruisers. Our trip is early October so I'm hoping for some good weather. We are so looking forward to our trip.
  7. What is the weather and the water conditions in early October. We sail on October 5th from Amsterdam to Basel. First river cruise.
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